Children And Smartphones: 7 Reasons For It (infographic)

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Children And Smartphones: 7 Reasons For It (infographic)
Children And Smartphones: 7 Reasons For It (infographic)

Smartphones are not only popular with adults, children and adolescents also have a keen interest in technical companions. Of course, the decision to buy a smartphone for the kids remains with the parents. Simyo summarized the motives in a survey and an infographic.

Personally, I have a rather ambivalent relationship to the fact that children are equipped with cell phones / smartphones relatively early on. This is mainly because I grew up without this technology (I had my first cell phone when I was 18) and I am convinced that it did not harm me either. So I was simply even more concerned with the “real” world instead of cultivating virtual friendships or otherwise sinking into a digital world.

Ultimately, however, it is the decision of the parents whether their child should be equipped with a cell phone / smartphone or not. Above all, the age of the child also plays a major role here. No matter how old = " the child is, the parents usually have to decide whether the child will have a smartphone or not. The following infographic shows what the reasons are exactly, why parents are trying to get their children into technology.

Graphic smartphone kids
Graphic smartphone kids

Are you parents yourself and did you give your child a smartphone? Why did you choose as you did. And if you have no children: how do you see the whole thing?

Here is the press release that Simyo delivered with the graphic:

Düsseldorf, December 13, 2012 - Smartphones are now very popular with children and young people. The reasons for iPhone and Co. are more of a fun factor. That is why simyo, the mobile communications provider for the digital center, wanted to know what actually motivates parents to buy their children a cell phone.

A representative survey carried out by TNS EMNID on behalf of simyo shows that two thirds of Germans will not have a smartphone under the Christmas tree for the youngest this year. Likewise, two thirds (68 percent) of mobile all-rounders only make sense from the age of 13, under 10 years only 11 percent see a smartphone as suitable.

“Whether a child needs a cell phone or even a smartphone is always very individual. Even in elementary school, many children already have a cell phone for emergencies, when switching to secondary school it often becomes a smartphone. Now that children are growing up with the Internet, mobile use via smartphone also plays a major role. It is important that the parents are informed about the dangers and risks at an early stage so that the children can safely explore the advantages of mobile life,”said Nicolas Biagosch, CEO at simyo.

And indeed - only six percent of those questioned believe that there are no good reasons to speak for a smartphone for children. Security plays a particularly important role here. On the one hand, parents appreciate the possibility of staying in touch with their child - 78 percent see this as an advantage. If the child has a smartphone with them on a long and unsafe journey to school, 70 percent of the parents relax: children lull after school or forget the time when playing with friends. They can be reached with a smartphone, so that parents can ensure that nothing has happened to them or that they can call home. On the other hand, there is now also the option of having children locate them on their smartphones - so parents can be sure when in doubt,wherever their offspring are - really at the friend's house to study or at the forbidden party. 67 percent of all respondents find this practical and reassuring in an emergency.

But less pragmatic reasons also play a role when buying a smartphone for children. Media literacy has become indispensable in everyday working life - 62 percent of those surveyed think that a smartphone can help young children to familiarize themselves with new media from an early age. Of course, children find using their cell phone as an MP3 player “cool”. For parents, this has the decisive advantage of not having to buy two devices, so 57 percent think it is useful that their child can listen to music on their smartphone. The same principle applies to the portable game console - with all its apps, games and gadgets, a smartphone can be used excellently as a Gameboy and Nintendo DS replacement - 41 percent of those questioned find the game option a good reason to buy a smartphone.

The supply of valid arguments that children have for smartphones seems to be inexhaustible - listening to music, playing and very important - everyone else has one: Exactly half of the parents surveyed would buy a smartphone if it was standard among friends and not them want your child to become an outsider.

It doesn't always have to be the iPhone. The current simyo smartphone offers offer a selection of affordable entry-level models. For example: Samsung Galaxy Pocket for 120.00 euros. Combined with the package 100 for 9.90 euros / 30 days, the perfect combination for children who are getting their first experience with their smartphone.

Source: Simyo

Kamal Nicholas
Kamal Nicholas

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