Free Email Addresses: The Best Providers

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Free Email Addresses: The Best Providers
Free Email Addresses: The Best Providers

Video: Free Email Addresses: The Best Providers

Video: Free Email Addresses: The Best Providers
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Gmail (Gmail) is believed to be the best-known provider of free email addresses worldwide. This service from the search engine operator Google is available to anyone who creates a Google account, which then also includes many other offers. Among other things, Google Drive, a cloud drive with 15 GB of storage space.

You also need a Google account if you want to use an Android phone, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you also have to use Gmail. As great as the free Google email account is, it inevitably means that the company knows more about you. For many, this is rather daunting. But the many advantages are impressive.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gmail

Per Contra
Free Even more data for Google
Very good spam and virus protection Some servers are located in the USA
15 GB storage space
Access to Google's online office programs
Combination with the Google Calendar
Apps for Android and iOS

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GMX Freemail

GMX is one of the oldest German email providers. With the free account you get 2 GB of storage space. This is common for most providers of free e-mail addresses, but actually not enough. As a rule, after some time, it is found with such accounts that expected emails no longer arrive and this is because the mailbox is full. More space is chargeable at GMX.

The regular advertising newsletter, which ends up in the mailbox and cannot be turned off, is also somewhat annoying. Tip: Simply create a filter rule, move the thing into its own folder and have it automatically deleted after a day.

Advantages and disadvantages of GMX Freemail

Per Contra
Free Forced advertising through a regular advertising newsletter in the mailbox
Integrated calendar Only 2 GB of cloud storage
Spam and virus protection Inactive accounts are automatically deleted
Apps for Android and iOS
Encrypted "email made in Germany"
Server location: Germany

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The free email service used to be called Hotmail. Then it was bought up by Microsoft and today you automatically end up with Outlook when you log in to Hotmail. Named after Microsoft's well-known email program, the service offers you a free email account, which also gives you access to the online versions of Microsoft's office programs. You also get 5 GB of space in the OneDrive cloud. The mailbox itself has 15 GB of storage space and therefore lasts longer than the average.

There is actually nothing that speaks against an Outlook account. Microsoft has a high level of data security and does not create user profiles for marketing purposes. Sometimes security checks are annoying, but they actually serve your security. Basically, Outlook combines the best features of all services and also integrates very well into Windows.

Advantages and disadvantages of Outlook Mail

Per Contra
Free Unclear statements about the storage location
15 GB storage space + 5 GB cloud storage
Integration of the entire MS Office suite
Apps for Android and iOS


Tutanota - if it's supposed to be super safe

For some, a free email account not only has to perform the standard functions - it should also be secure and anonymous. Tutanota offers you such an account, but you have to put something back for some features.

The entire e-mail account and the transmission are encrypted, but you pay for this security with the restriction that you can only read e-mails in your own app or in the browser. POP3 or IMAP are not possible here.

Advantages and disadvantages of tutanota

Per Contra
Free Only 1 GB of storage space
Calendar integration No POP3 or IMAP
Encrypted mailbox
Email encryption on request
German servers
Apps for all operating systems

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Conclusion: something for everyone

Outlook and Gmail are very similar in terms of services and special services. What you choose depends on the one hand on personal preferences and on the other hand on the operating system environment in which you are operating. A Microsoft account makes sense if you also use MS applications. As an Android user, the Google account is ideal.

GMX is actually just one of many "2 GB providers". You can get what you get there from numerous other services - minus the advertising.

Tutanota is more special. If you really value email encryption and secure transmission, this is the place for you. However, only 1 GB of storage is out of date, and you have to pay for more - it still doesn't have as much space as with Google or Microsoft.

Anyone who is afraid of surveillance and is afraid because he sees more advertisements for refrigerators, because he has searched for "beer cooling" on Google, should also stay away from Gmail. Google has the emails read by its system so that it can be categorized, for example, to show you links to unsubscribe from newsletters, but also for advertising purposes. So it gets really creepy when you tell someone about your neighbor's newborn and then see diaper ads everywhere.

Ultimately, you should decide according to your needs: How much space do you need, which systems do you work with, how high is your need for security?

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