Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot In The Preview - Son-Goku Wants To Know It Again

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot In The Preview - Son-Goku Wants To Know It Again
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot In The Preview - Son-Goku Wants To Know It Again

Video: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot In The Preview - Son-Goku Wants To Know It Again

Video: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot In The Preview - Son-Goku Wants To Know It Again
Video: DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT - Vegeta Trailer | PS4 2023, June

At this point we start the adventure of the new Dragon Ball game: Instead of stumbling seamlessly from one big fight into the next, you pass the time collecting items and enjoy your father-son time in the forest. Since Son Gohan is still small, he needs a lot of attention and love from his father. Son Goku even shows him how to fish. This is done via a small mini-game in which you use the (infected) monkey tail as a rod and pull the fish out of the water at the right moment.

Take a look at the game:

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Game Introduction

Relationships on the community board

In theory, you could eat caught fish and collected fruit straight away, but Bulma and her cooking skills only make them particularly tasty. If you let your wife swing the soup spoon, delicious dishes are created, which increase the status values of the character when eating. If you want even better boosts, you should open the community board. Here you can combine collected soul tokens from characters you have already met - and combine their skills on a certain topic.

Physically weak figures are not suitable for fights on the Community Board, but they show their true strength in other disciplines. When Son Gohan initially connects to Bulma on the cooking board, they create particularly tasty dishes together. The relationship of each character also affects the improvements you can get. This value can be continuously improved by handing over a wide variety of gifts.

Let's go to the next fight

With a fried fish in your stomach, you jump in the skin of Son Goku on Jindujun and fly to your next mission. You can collect a number of Z points that are scattered throughout the world. In the beginning, you should take the time to train the rollovers with your little cloud. Thanks to imprecise controls and the difficult differences in altitude, it is not as easy as flying. Grab a few apples and other items on the way, which are marked by a flashing flash, and use the Z points later for strong super attacks.


Of course, you are not defenseless against the powerful opponents without enough Z points. Son Goku already has good fighting skills at the beginning - and deals well with quick strikes. If you charge your AI bar during the fight, you can use it for more powerful attacks. We know you are all waiting for an attack and yes - it is included! The Kamehameha empties your bar to a large extent, but it is (at least in our test session) its strongest attack.

Since the big enemies all have multiple life bars, the fighting is never over after just a few seconds. Especially with nimble enemies like Radditz, the buttons for blocking and dodging are your best friends when laser beams and energy balls rain from the sky. As tough as the struggles are, they were always fun. Your learning curve is enormous because you can easily understand the attack patterns after a short time. Once you have found out how to avoid the powerful attacks by Vegeta and Co., you should be sure of victory.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - TGS 2019 Pre-Order Trailer | PS4

Like in anime

The numerous laser beams, explosions and kamehamehas look impressive and make the screen glow. If an enemy hits the ground or unleashes a strong attack, the earth breaks open under the character and crumbles into individual parts. The overview is usually very good, even if the frame rate can drop temporarily. However, this hardly affects the cool anime look. Many of the big fights also end with a handsome sequence that couldn't be more dramatic.

You don't have to worry about passers-by and NPCs in the sweeping fights, as the battles are fought far from homes and civilization. The individual areas of the game seem huge and often extend over wide, uninhabited areas full of nothing. When flying over them they seem monotonous and very empty, but for fights it is just the thing. After all, nobody can get hurt! On this point, the developers have stuck strongly to the anime, because the locations there are often similarly extensive. Hundreds of nameless passers-by? Nothing.


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Find the seven dragon balls

It is entirely up to you whether you stubbornly follow the story or venture into smaller outbreaks with side missions. We recommend completing some side tasks as you will notice how much love has gone into the game. Many characters tell of their lives and remind of iconic scenes from the anime that we all saw on TV years ago.

In the beginning, your battles will only take place with cocoa, but after a few hours of play you will find yourself in the skin of Piccolo and unleash powerful attacks against your enemies as a Namek. You can experience the story of Son Goku from different angles, so that thanks to different move sets, the fights will not be boring, at least during our preview session.


If you fancy an authentic adventure in the Dragon Ball universe and want to experience the history of Kakarot as an RPG, this is your game. The characters are genuine and show their well-known humor. Whether you can overlook some of the weaknesses probably depends on your passion for Dragon Ball - because Kakarot is undoubtedly brimming with love for the anime.

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