What Is Google One? Explanation, Prices, Difference To Google Drive

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What Is Google One? Explanation, Prices, Difference To Google Drive
What Is Google One? Explanation, Prices, Difference To Google Drive

Video: What Is Google One? Explanation, Prices, Difference To Google Drive

Video: What Is Google One? Explanation, Prices, Difference To Google Drive
Video: OneDrive vs Google Drive (Google One) - 2021 2023, June

Google has long allowed its users to store their data in the cloud. Now Google One has been introduced as a new subscription model to Google Drive and with it a few new features. We have put together the most important information for you.


  • Differences between Google One and Google Drive
  • How does Google One work?
  • Pay and set up Google One

A Google account automatically includes at least 15 GB of storage space in the Google cloud. If that wasn't enough, you could already book additional space for a fee before Google One. In this respect, not much has changed. First of all, the name "Google One" is new. Also new are a few additional features, such as a "family option" and ominous "other advantages". Anyone who already has a Google Drive subscription will automatically be switched to Google One. However, this does not apply to "G Suite Business customers".

Google One vs. Google Drive: differences

Google Drive remains Google Drive. Google One is just the name of a subscription package that allows you to book more space for Google Drive. In contrast to before, some new data packets are added, while others are dropped.

Here is an overview of the differences between Google One and Google Drive:

Data packet

Google Drive

Google One

15 GB Free Free
100 GB € 1.99 / month € 1.99 / month
200 GB Unavailable € 2.99 / month
1 TB € 9.99 / month Unavailable
2 TB Unavailable € 9.99 / month
10 TB € 99.99 / month € 99.99 / month
20 TB € 199.99 / month € 199.99 / month
30 TB € 299.99 / month € 299.99 / month

The tariffs with 100 and 200 GB as well as the 2 TB tariff entice with small discounts with annual payment. If you take the 2 TB package, you can save at least € 19.89 per year.

Contrary to the claim on the info page, no annual package prices are offered for the tariffs with 10, 20 and 30 TB.

  • As you can see, there is an additional "small" package with 200 GB, while the 1 TB package is no longer available to be replaced by a 2 TB package at the same price.
  • Google also advertises 24-hour support via chat, phone or email.
  • There should also be " additional advantages " for paying customers. What exactly that is supposed to be has not been explained in detail so far. There is only talk of Google Play credits or special hotel deals.

The “Family Option” from Google One

A really special feature is the new possibility to invite family members to Google One. You can add up to 5 people to your paid data package (the actual marital status will probably not be checked). They can upload their data separately from each other, and the account holder can assign them the respective storage space.


It is unknown whether the account holder can access the data of the other "family members", but it is also unlikely. The respective owners of the data can still share folders or individual files. Comments under the mobile apps indicate that all family members must be in the same country.

For Google Drive users, not much changes with Google One:

Go Google: Google Drive

How does Google One work?

In terms of function, nothing will change with Google One. Emails and their attachments count towards your storage volume. The same applies to other uploaded files as well as photos and videos in original quality. However, if you use "Google Photos" and upload your pictures "only" in "high quality", that doesn't count. This also applies to music uploaded with "Play Music".

Otherwise, Google One works as usual: You can access your data via browser, apps or computer applications and have it synchronized automatically. You can use mobile apps for Android and iOS. A special “Google One app” is not necessary for this. You just continue to use Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

Book, pay for and set up Google One

  • You can book Google One in several ways. In the browser, you can load Google Drive, for example, and simply click on "More storage space" below the storage display.
  • Or just go to one.google.com to upgrade to one of the packages.
  • You can also book a Google One subscription in the respective apps if you tap on the display of the storage space in the menu.
  • In the Windows program "Backup and Sync" you simply click on "Perform upgrade" and land on the above page.

The Google One subscription is paid for using the respective accounts, credit cards or a Google Play credit. This may be good news for anyone who has already invested a lot of money with the Google Surveys app and doesn't know what to buy from it.

In order to be able to use the respective annual offer prices, you have to be careful to click or tap on the corresponding displayed link. Otherwise you will be charged the normal monthly price.

After the upgrade, you don't have to change anything in your other settings. The various programs and apps that access your Google storage space automatically call up the free memory and therefore know about the upgrade.

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