Windows Clipboard: Open, Empty, Save, Multiple Clipboards

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Windows Clipboard: Open, Empty, Save, Multiple Clipboards
Windows Clipboard: Open, Empty, Save, Multiple Clipboards

Video: Windows Clipboard: Open, Empty, Save, Multiple Clipboards

Video: Windows Clipboard: Open, Empty, Save, Multiple Clipboards
Video: How to access Clipboard History on Windows 10 2023, December

There are two methods on the Windows clipboard that you can use to store data there. Both apply that everything that is put on the clipboard must be selected.

Transfer data to the clipboard:

  1. Something mark and then with the Ctrl + C to copy to the clipboard or using the buttons Cut Ctrl + X and put it in the clipboard..
  2. Something highlight it with the click right mouse button and from the context menu to " Copy click".

Get data from the clipboard:

  1. Places the cursor where the data from the clipboard should end up.
  2. Press the key combination Ctrl + V to put something from the clipboard there.
  3. Alternatively, you can right- click there and select the " Paste " option in the menu.

If you do not want other users of your computer to be able to use the contents of the clipboard, you can simply overwrite the current clipboard with another content.

The Microsoft programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint can display and use the contents of the various clipboards, even if they have been overwritten. Even if you have deleted the current clipboard with a system command.

So if you want to be sure, delete the entire clipboard like this:

  1. For example, starts Word.
  2. In the menu " Start " you see on the left the item " clipboard ".
  3. Click on the little arrow to the right.
  4. Now the content of the last clipboards is displayed. Click "Clear All " to permanently remove this data.

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Use multiple clipboards in Windows 10

Windows 10 automatically has multiple clipboards. You can switch the clipboard history on and off in the system settings.


Usually the last added content of the clipboard is restored with the keys Ctrl + V. However, if you use the combination Windows key + V, you will see a selection of the last data.

With large amounts of text you see the beginning, with pictures a preview. The window will appear where your cursor is. With a mouse click on the corresponding clipboard, its content is pasted there.

If you have deactivated the multiple clipboard function, you can turn it on as follows:

  1. Simultaneously presses the Windows key and i.
  2. Click on System ➜ Clipboard.
  3. There you set the switch for "Clipboard history" to "On".

It is even easier by simply pressing the Windows key and V. Then you see the message that the history is deactivated and you can turn it on by clicking the button.

What are your experiences with Windows 10?

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