Apple Goes "donate" To The IPhone 11? Meaningful Or Not?

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Apple Goes "donate" To The IPhone 11? Meaningful Or Not?
Apple Goes "donate" To The IPhone 11? Meaningful Or Not?

Video: Apple Goes "donate" To The IPhone 11? Meaningful Or Not?

Video: Apple Goes "donate" To The IPhone 11? Meaningful Or Not?
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And … do you like the idea of a pen on the iPhone? To me somehow. First of all, let's quickly forget the old camels, which, according to Apple founder Steve Jobs, never wanted such a "finger replacement" for the iPhone. Steve spoke of a "stylus". This was simply necessary for the basic operation of not a few smartphones in 2007. Why? The touchscreens were extremely bad and the operating systems were even worse. The Apple Pencil, on the other hand, is a useful accessory for the iPad alone. Nobody really needs it for basic operation, but whoever has it can optionally use it productively - as a pen, for notes and much more.

You know … Steve Jobs makes fun of the competition when he introduces the iPhone:

Who wants a stylus? - Steve Jobs using a pen on the iPhone (Apple keynote in January 2007)

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But do you absolutely need the pencil for your Apple phone? No, not really and that's a good thing, because you can basically use the iPhone from this way. However, it might be nice to have the option of a pen. Even the iPhone XS Max is more and more like a small tablet, the successor in the form of the "iPhone 11 Pro" is certainly not getting any smaller. Ergo: Creative applications should grow more and more because Apple can now give them more space. By the way, in contrast to the Galaxy Note, whose use of the pen is well known, but leads a shadowy existence, the developers of Apple's solution are more likely to try to integrate the pencil into their own apps. In short: I think the iPhone is finally "ready for a pen".

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Apple Pencil and iPhone: The opinion of GIGA readers

But how do our readers view this? According to our current survey, “only” 39 percent of those surveyed want to be able to use Apple Pencil with the iPhone in the future. Clear case, the majority rejects the pen. Wait … not so fast. If only half of the almost 40 percent use the pen in the future, it will be worth it. Because Apple does not give away the pencil, of course. If you want it, you can buy it for hundreds. I can already see the dollar signs flashing at the Apple superiors. Not everyone needs the Apple Pencil, but Apple would certainly have liked to answer the question of value added revenue from those users who want it - everyone wins.

The rumors about the iPhone 11 with our assessment at a glance:


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So I'm already looking forward to the Apple keynote on September 10, 2019 and will continue to "donate" to the weekend - have a nice Sunday.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article represent the views of the author only and are not necessarily the position of the entire GIGA editorial team.

Apple will launch the iPhone 11 in the first half of September. But what do you expect from the new device? Which of the functions buzzing around in the rumor mill do you want to get, which you don't care? Take our survey. Here you can also see what the other readers who have voted in advance want.

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Sven Kaulfuss
Sven Kaulfuss

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