Smartphone Messies, Watch Out: Too Many Apps? Away With It

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Smartphone Messies, Watch Out: Too Many Apps? Away With It
Smartphone Messies, Watch Out: Too Many Apps? Away With It

Video: Smartphone Messies, Watch Out: Too Many Apps? Away With It

Video: Smartphone Messies, Watch Out: Too Many Apps? Away With It
Video: If Phones Were People | My Phone is My Best Friend | Relatable Funny Musical by La La Life 2023, March

Sure, I also have the most important apps on the first page of the screen, but I prefer to search the rest with the search - one swipe down and the search function is available to help me. Alternatively, I also ask Siri every now and then to open one or the other app, as long as I remember the correct name.

Would you like more apps? The GIGA tips for on the go … but first tidy up:

GIGA app tip: On the go

However, the fact is: there are a lot of apps on my smartphone that I hardly or never use, but which still use valuable memory. The look at it now opened my eyes and is very informative. There are two apps on my iPhone, Garageband and iMovie, for example, which I've never used, but which together take up more than 2 GB of memory. Well, I could make an excuse: Both are apps that Apple ships with the iPhone from the start. Still: Get rid of it!

Or "Pages" - Apple's word processor - another such candidate. I had last opened a year ago and also used almost half a gigabyte. Could be gone, but who knows … maybe I have to open a document. I definitely won't write letters with the iPhone - not in the future either.

These apps are currently conquering the charts - but you don't have to install them all:


Start photo gallery (40 photos)


Start photo gallery (13 photos)

Oh yes, Skype, last used in January 2018. It was one of my most used apps. But at GIGA we have only been communicating with Slack for a long time and privately the conversation with WhatsApp and FaceTime takes place. Can actually get off the smartphone.

Now don't just tidy up with apps: simply cancel subscriptions and contracts with the subscription alert

Then there is the Brussels Airlines app. It has been a while since I flew with them, so the app remains on my iPhone. But it can still stay, it is only 35 MB small and a flight to the home or to Berlin to the GIGA editorial team in the near future cannot and should not be ruled out entirely.

My thoughts on the weekend: The column wants to provide food for thought, call for discussion and reflect on the “news surge” of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

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How to find the app corpses

I could give you countless other examples, but it was worth the look. And with you? Do it right now and have a look. iPhone users can find the information in the settings of iOS -> General -> iPhone storage. But Android users can also free their smartphone from apps that are not used very often. For example, on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro I find the option to do this under Settings -> Manage apps. At this point you can sort according to frequency of use and muck out accordingly.

Have a nice weekend and have fun cleaning the autumn

Note: The opinions expressed in this article represent the views of the author only and are not necessarily the position of the entire GIGA editorial team.

Sven Kaulfuss
Sven Kaulfuss

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