Weekend Project: Buying Shares - 5 Tips For Beginners

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Weekend Project: Buying Shares - 5 Tips For Beginners
Weekend Project: Buying Shares - 5 Tips For Beginners

Video: Weekend Project: Buying Shares - 5 Tips For Beginners

Video: Weekend Project: Buying Shares - 5 Tips For Beginners
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Trading stocks is basically not difficult. You need a good custody account provider as the basis. It is important to note the lowest possible fees for custody account management and transactions. A recommended provider is OnVista, a brand of the comdirect bank. Attractive thing about the offer: The custody account management is free of charge, the trading fees with fixed prices from 5 euros are very low compared to the market - and you start with 100 euros credit if you open your custody account by January 31, 2020. You can find out more information and other conditions directly from onvista.

Tip 2: Watch courses and business news, pay attention to trends

Where you invest your money is of course up to you. However, you should make sure that these are sectors and companies that are stable and could expand significantly in the future. It is advisable to regularly deal with quarterly figures, stock exchange prices and news in order to develop a feeling for economic developments. The tips of self-proclaimed stock market gurus should be enjoyed with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Tip 3: invest long-term, spread widely

Back and forth makes the pockets empty. And: Investments are a marathon, not a sprint. Sure, these are truisms, but still truths. Anyone who invests in stocks should do so with long-term goals. This is no different here than with other forms of investment. Those who spread widely, i.e. invest in different promising values and industries, minimize their risk.

Tip 4: Invest what you can afford - no more

Trading is fun, but it is still “real” money that you handle. Here you should make sure that there is no money that you could need in the short or medium term. Because a residual risk always remains - and: Payments of profits from the deposit must be taxed (capital tax, solidarity surcharge, possibly church tax). So invest so that you don't have to restrict yourself in everyday life.

Tip 5: Don't panic: keep your cool when buying stocks

The stock market reacts nervously to rumors, good and bad news. Price fluctuations are completely normal and are part of the business, but usually level off quickly. Psychology plays a major role on the stock market: If an otherwise solid company does not meet its profit expectations in a quarter, this is no reason to sell all shares immediately. It may even be worth increasing your stake at this very moment. Our advice: Analyze the situation with a cool head and use sensibly set stop-loss orders to automatically sell stocks if they fall below a certain threshold.

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So much for our beginner tips for buying stocks. If you have more, we look forward to your comments.

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