IPad Pro: Apple Has Set Itself Up

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IPad Pro: Apple Has Set Itself Up
IPad Pro: Apple Has Set Itself Up

Video: IPad Pro: Apple Has Set Itself Up

Video: IPad Pro: Apple Has Set Itself Up
Video: iPad Pro 2021 как планшет для рисования 2023, September

Even 1.5 years after the launch, it is not even possible to begin to see how Apple wants to top its own record. This is also known in Cupertino, which is why there was no new iPad Pro last year. The successor should be presented in a few weeks. The only thing we shouldn't expect from the iPad Pro 2020 is groundbreaking if we look at the current rumor mill. Among other things, there is talk of a triple camera or an optional 5G variant in autumn. Perhaps the hottest rumor is the use of mini LEDs on the screen, which are supposed to combine the advantages of LCD and OLED displays. Whether Apple is already opting for mini LEDs on the iPad in 2020 is still in the stars.

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iPad Pro: Upgrade is not worth it this year

And even if: None of the features floating around in the rumor mill so far should be so decisive that owners of an iPad Pro (2018) will switch in large quantities. Your current tablet is just too good to spend at least 879 euros for the successor. Apple has surpassed itself with the iPad Pro 2018 - and has stood up for it.

The moral of the story: The iPad Pro upgrade is not worth it this year. This is bad news for Apple, but good news for the wallet. He is the secret winner.

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Kaan Gürayer
Kaan Gürayer

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