Solution: Nvidia Code 43 (graphics Card Error)

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Solution: Nvidia Code 43 (graphics Card Error)
Solution: Nvidia Code 43 (graphics Card Error)

Video: Solution: Nvidia Code 43 (graphics Card Error)

Video: Solution: Nvidia Code 43 (graphics Card Error)
Video: How To Fix NVIDIA Error Code 43 2023, October

Code 43 is a fairly general error message and means that a connected device has stopped due to problems or the driver has failed. Go through our solutions to fix the bug.

First: restart your computer. Sometimes that's enough and the mistake disappears.

Solution 1: Install at least GeForce Hotfix driver 430.97

Hotfix driver 430.97 from Nvidia fixes the code 43 error under Windows 10 (May 2019 update) with CPUs of the Intel Sandy Bridge. If you have already installed a new driver version, ignore this solution.

Download the hotfix driver

Solutions 2: Install previous graphics card driver / reinstall driver

If you updated your graphics card drivers before error code 43 appeared, you can try to install the old graphics card driver again.

  1. Opens the device manager.
  2. There double click on the entry of your graphics card.
  3. Click the tab " driver " on the " Roll Back Driver ".

In general, it makes sense if you reinstall your graphics card driver in case of problems. You can download the appropriate driver version from the Nvidia website and install the graphics card drivers.

Solution 3: Windows updates

Checks for Windows updates that can be installed.

Solution 4: use recovery point

If there is a restore point prior to the appearance of error code 43, you can restore it.

Windows 10: Here you restore the restore point
Windows 10: Here you restore the restore point

Solution 5: defective graphics card & replace

Code 43 can also mean that the graphics card is defective. You can test their functionality by installing them in another PC or you can install a new graphics card in your computer.

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Solution 6: undo BIOS changes

If you have recently changed the BIOS settings, you should undo them and see if the graphics card works again without problems.

Solution 7 for ASRock mainboards

If you have an ASRock mainboard, it can help if you set the value " Disable " in the BIOS settings for the entries " PCIE Downstream Pipeline " and " PCIE VC1 Request Queue ".

If you could fix the error in any other way, please write us in our comments.