I Love Sleeping In Video Games

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I Love Sleeping In Video Games
I Love Sleeping In Video Games

Video: I Love Sleeping In Video Games

Video: I Love Sleeping In Video Games
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My sleeping I want to tell you something and it starts with: I'm sleeping.

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I am sleeping

There's a bed in Morrowind, I'm going to sleep

Dagoth Ur dreams and miss the days

It's Middas, then Turdas, then Second Seed

Time flies by, almost as if I were right in the middle

I sleep in Morrowind's towns, then in Skyrim's beds

Wake up in Stardew Valley when the days are gray

A cat in the evening whispers that I have to sleep

Am I playing Persona 5 or Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Do I even play when I'm lying down?

But if I love it; let me explain

I only have to allow sleep for a minute or two

And I like to wait for it

Because when I wake up, yes, then I feel

As if that were really me, the protagonist

As if I was really there, as if everything was true

What they say and do in the game, I mean

As if the fictional world had wrapped me up in it

Like a blanket in the evening in my bed in Morrowind

And I fall asleep, breathe out and calmly


Why can't it always be that way?

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