Carrion: Let's Eat People, How About?

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Carrion: Let's Eat People, How About?
Carrion: Let's Eat People, How About?

Video: Carrion: Let's Eat People, How About?

Video: Carrion: Let's Eat People, How About?
Video: Eating As Many People As I Possibly Can in Carrion 2023, March

Carrion is a 2D Metroidvania that sticks you into the slippery intestinal skin of a meat sack that eats through a claustrophobic underground laboratory. At gamescom 2019 I was able to get involved with the game for the first time, and what can I say? It is not only a graphic delicacy, but also satisfies those deeply human instincts that we otherwise keep hidden behind closed doors: eat, torture, destroy. You are the hunter and sometimes your prey can do nothing more than make a cute cry.

Life as a meat sack is not that easy either. You don't have legs, but you do have tentacles. With them you crawl through the narrow corridors, tear doors off their hinges and clear your way. You can also grab some objects to crush people with them. If you find a little pixel man, the whole thing goes very quickly: you grab it, tear it in the middle or throw it against the wall before you can eat it. Mhmmm. The meal has an advantage, because with every additional human body your meat sack grows. Eat, grow, eat more, grow more. Simple. Have a bloody eye on Carrion yourself:

Carrion - Bloody Reveal Trailer

In fact, Carrion is more than just a gory eating machine. In Metroidvania style, you can gradually unlock new paths that were initially inaccessible to you. You learn to flip switches, slide through dimensional holes in the walls, and finally learn to use new skills. It is impressive how fluid and fast you can catapult your meat bag through the map. Your tentacles are always excited and ready to either eat or destroy. It may be up to me, but Carrion had an almost hypnotic effect on me - how this slimy intestinal ball chases across the screen, tears up obstacles, tears people up, screams in the background, OH: There is still half a torso, we should still eat it, or? It is strangely satisfying to level this world, which I as a player know next to nothing about.

It doesn't get boring that quickly either, because as you gradually learn new things and skills, the opponents get stronger - and shoot at you instead of just screaming - and the puzzles get trickier. By the way, Carrion didn't tell me why you kill everything and everyone on your way and where you come from in the first half hour. Whether this is actually so important or whether your imagination can be left to be left open. The meat party with Carrion starts sometime in 2020 on the PC and possibly also on consoles.

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Marina Hansel
Marina Hansel

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