Gamescom 2019: These Were Our Highlights

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Gamescom 2019: These Were Our Highlights
Gamescom 2019: These Were Our Highlights

Video: Gamescom 2019: These Were Our Highlights

Video: Gamescom 2019: These Were Our Highlights
Video: Gamescom 2019 HIGHLIGHTS 2023, June

My personal highlight was Final Fantasy VII Remake. I was initially very skeptical about the new combat system. Fortunately, when I played it, I was taught better. Slow-mo effect to choose the skills of the party members, and the action-based combat system have harmonized very well. My concern, however, is that not all episodes will appear in our age.

Lisa Fleischer:

My highlight would also be Final Fantasy 7, because Olaf has already taken it and, to be honest, would also be quite expected, I'll take my fair tip instead: Fall Guys!

The indie game connects the 100 man matches with Takeshis Castle. You go through several obstacle rounds, the worst players are eliminated. A huge party fun that can be played with random players as well as on your own server and is therefore ideal for streaming!

We have collected even more indie highlights from the fair for you:


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Steffen Marks:

My highlight is Knights of Honor 2 - Sovereign. That came as a complete surprise and could become Medieval 3, which Creative Assembly apparently doesn't want to do.

Alex Duk:

Dreams! The potential that the game offers is incredible. Not much to see yet, but I'm excited to see how the community gets the most out of the game as soon as it appears.

Alexander Gehlsdorf:

After Mimimi Productions revived my beloved real-time tactics genre with Shadow Tactics, I am of course all the more excited about Desperados 3. Overall, a whole series of classics of my childhood are returning, so I can also look forward to new editions of Commandos 2 and XIII.

Christian Eichler from and I will discuss together in the current episode of RUSH which games have left a lasting impression and which titles, such as those after this year's gamescom, would rather stay away from.

RUSH - The gaming podcast: Our highlights of gamescom 2019

René Wiesenthal (editorial team game tips):

Doom Eternal: At a more advanced time on my last day at the fair, Doom Eternal was the highlight for me in terms of all-round dates. I had a lot of fun playing through the 2016 and preparing to get more of the same. The new movement maneuvers, the humor and the cool look surprised me again positively. I would have preferred to take a full version home with me after the appointment.

Mandy Strebe (editorship game tips):

I found Doom Eternal very entertaining as a non-Doom fan. The presentation and the booth were very coherent. The fast, aggressive gameplay with the groovy music was really fun. A real carnage!

Ove Frank (Game Tips Editor):

For me it's DBZ: Kakarot because it really seems to capture the essence of Dragon Ball and could really be the DBZ game fans have been waiting for. (Not only fighting, but also a lot of humor and nice moments)

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Alexander Gehlsdorf
Alexander Gehlsdorf

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