Steam, GOG & Epic: Summer Sale And Dark Soul Offers For The Weekend

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Steam, GOG & Epic: Summer Sale And Dark Soul Offers For The Weekend
Steam, GOG & Epic: Summer Sale And Dark Soul Offers For The Weekend

Tick Tock Tick Tock…

The summer sale on GOG is slowly coming to a glorious end, but you still have a few days left: the countdown ends on Monday evening and until then you should go to No Man's Sky for 30.09 euros, ELEX for 19.99 euros or Vampire: The Masquarade - Bloodlines drop by for € 13.49. (Or you can see for yourself what is smiling at you in the shop.)

Did you know about No Man's Sky? No, you didn't know:


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(Okay, maybe you knew. But how am I supposed to know?)

Steam: Dark Souls weekend

Let's try not to die this weekend.

Steam seems to think we should all try Dark Souls - and who are we to contradict Steam or even the god of Dark Souls? The franchise is reduced at up to 75 percent per item over the weekend; So Dark Souls 3 is available for 14.99 souls and Dark Souls 2 at the lowest price that has ever been on Steam - for 9.99 souls. If you want to know how to pay 0.99 souls now, just ask on Steam.

(That was a joke.)

Fallout 76 and The Division 2

Free days

Fallout 76 is free until June 17th, which means two things: you can 1) see if it is better now than at the release (that's it) and 2) you can also try the new Battle Royale mode. By the way, until June 17, The Division 2 is free on all platforms, so if you are interested in both, you should now immediately put on your gamer pants and start playing (or first download to be precise).

Welcome to the Battel Royale Club, Fallout 76:

Fallout 76 - Nuclear Winter: Battle Royale Mode gameplay trailer (E3 2019)

Epic Store: Enter The Gungeon

Free. Forever if you get it now.

The Epic Store is not stingy with its free games and is so nice to give you Enter The Gungeon until June 20th. The popular rogue-like dungeon crawler meets all requirements for those tough players who love to keep dying in such titles. Crawling alone or with friends through a hellish fortress, which is not only procedurally generated, but also wonderfully creative (and hand-painted). You can also use bees as a weapon. (What?)

Marina Hansel
Marina Hansel

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