IOS 6 Vs. Android 4.0: A Comparison From A Personal Perspective

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IOS 6 Vs. Android 4.0: A Comparison From A Personal Perspective
IOS 6 Vs. Android 4.0: A Comparison From A Personal Perspective

Video: IOS 6 Vs. Android 4.0: A Comparison From A Personal Perspective

Video: IOS 6 Vs. Android 4.0: A Comparison From A Personal Perspective
Video: iOS 6 vs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: Release Date, Maps, Voice & more. 2023, June

There are of course a lot of them. Above all, iOS 6 will look the same again, a configurable interface is not / never planned. The latest Android version Ice Cream Sandwich, on the other hand, has reinvented itself in style and looks damn chic. While the boys / girls from have already written a very cynical video, I will summarize in short, crisp, German words how I see it …


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Apple Maps

Wow, Apple is reinventing Maps! Or not? Navigation is known, traffic warnings are known, turn-by-turn and flyover are the only functions that Google has not fully implemented. But let's wait and see what comes out at the end of the month. Incidentally, the 3D models in iOS 6 look very good and navigation works even when the screen is locked - this is really a good idea!

Conclusion: Apple Maps makes a very good impression despite the obvious copy and logical development of Google Maps.

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Siri 4 All

Siri now interacts with apps, can output sports results and finds location-based film screenings and restaurants. After I was able to test Samsung's S-Voice, SIRI is much more entertaining and "mature" than the Samsung competitor, but still far from being final. Google's voice search has been around for quite a while …

Conclusion: offline functions are missing on both sides and above all more "personality" at S-Voice.

Facebook integration

An old hat for us androids: Facebook integration. While we can give our desired apps access to the system with a practical “account system”, Apple stumbled afterwards. Now the largest network is "finally" represented.

Conclusion: Everyone has to decide how good or bad this feature is. We say "nothing new in the iPhone".

iOS mail app

I ask you, the mail app gets new features ?! VIP function and pull-to-refresh? Google occasionally offers such innovations in an app update but not during a large conference.

Conclusion: androids shrug their shoulders and keep reading …

iOS phone app

Well, if this function did not yet exist with iOS, version 6 will make it urgently necessary! Calls can now be answered with a message. "I'm on the way", "Report me in 20 minutes" or "Go for a walk with Trudy". Android has been around for a while. In contrast, the location-based action of the iPhone is new. When you leave the office, you are automatically reminded that you have to call your wife at home. Would be super practical for me;) There are also apps on Android …

Conclusion: Logical extensions of a long overdue feature.

Apple iOS 6 vs. Android 4.0 slide
Apple iOS 6 vs. Android 4.0 slide

Share photo streams

Photo streams can be shared and commented on across the entire ecosystem. A very smart idea Apple! After the exclusive Instagram is also available for green Andy, you need something extravagant again.;-)

Conclusion: If you are not careful, you will eventually lose yourself in the world of Apple. Otherwise a good feature that does not exist within Android - and is somehow not needed, right?


Coupons, boarding cards, etc. can be made available directly within iOS (via pre-made templates for developers). Nice! Annoying requests in the mailboxes are goodbye.

Conclusion: That will establish itself in the next few years, I'm sure of it!

FaceTime over cellucar

Facetime was previously only available via WLAN. With iOS 6 this function is then also covered via the mobile network.

Conclusion: androids smile tired and just keep reading…

Safari i-Cloud tabs

Nice! Safari tabs are synchronized and displayed on all Apple devices! Plus offline reading function. It makes sense!

Conclusion: In NO vation, everything is already known about the Chrome browser, Apple now has it too. Well, what else is there?

iOS 6 is compatible with

Nightingale ick hear you traps. Fragmentation is not a nice topic for Apple users either. The first generation iPad, the breakwater, is completely ignored. From 3GS upwards, iOS 6 goes up and then under certain conditions.

Conclusion: Apple will have good reasons for this! So far, only a fully functional system has been sold, you have to give that to the Cupertino boys. Nevertheless, many will not be satisfied with it. In the Android camp, fragmentation is one of the biggest “problems” that fans and Apple disciples also like to argue against Android. Well, who's sitting in the glass house …

My conclusion on iOS 6

Since I am not using iOS, I find it difficult to rate this update and its innovations. The whole system receives solid updates and will surely become more intuitive, chic and practical for the majority of users. In my opinion, however, it is not enough for a big Oh effect. If you want to see the complete feature list, you can find it here.

From an android perspective, Apple copies many functions. If we had patents in some areas, it would certainly be very patent-heavy in the autumn / winter months. It's good that Mr. Cook still puts a little something on top. They stand out and can pretend that they have rediscovered it all. Let's see how Google responds to it!

Look closely Google, that's how you do it

One more thing: Even if I'm a fan of the small, green, configurable android, I have to give Apple a promise. The total package iOS 6 is in my opinion much better than with Android. There are already some apps that should sneak into the basic functions. Apple does it right and packages functions and features from second or third-party manufacturers directly into the system. If you want, you can still access external apps, but there is still the basic equipment for everyone else. And here Apple, sad but true, has the edge.

Finally, the entertaining video from Netbooknews

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