Is The Xiaomi Mi 9 Waterproof? What You Should Pay Attention To

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Is The Xiaomi Mi 9 Waterproof? What You Should Pay Attention To
Is The Xiaomi Mi 9 Waterproof? What You Should Pay Attention To

Video: Is The Xiaomi Mi 9 Waterproof? What You Should Pay Attention To

Video: Is The Xiaomi Mi 9 Waterproof? What You Should Pay Attention To
Video: Xiaomi Mi 9 Waterproof Test 2023, December

The Xiaomi Mi 9 is not waterproof. You should avoid contact with liquids

Although the Chinese manufacturer's smartphone can keep up with more expensive models from other brands in many respects, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is not waterproof. So you still do without special techniques or certifications to protect your cell phone from liquids and dust. A waterproof smartphone is often awarded an IP certification (e.g. IP68), which indicates the degree of protection. However, the official test procedures are not exactly cheap, which is probably why they are not used.

If you are near water or come unexpectedly into the rain, special care is required. It is also worth knowing that manufacturers do not accept any guarantee in the event of damage, even with officially “watertight” devices. In general, the term “waterproof” is somewhat misleading because the protection only refers to clear water (fresh water) and never reaches 100 percent. Over a long period of use, more aggressive substances and damage (e.g. bending of the housing), the seal can also be impaired.


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Xiaomi Mi 9 - water resistance: what to do if the smartphone gets wet?

Should your Xiaomi Mi 9 come into contact with water due to an accident, you should act quickly. Dries the device thoroughly. If your cell phone is switched off, it only switches on again when you have wiped it off, in order to avoid a possible short circuit due to water penetration. However, the most common water damage only occurs after a while due to internal corrosion. In some cases, “dry kits” can help to draw moisture out of the device.

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Make Xiaomi Mi 9 waterproof: is that possible?

Every now and then you read about sprays or nano-coating processes that are supposed to protect smartphones against water. However, many of these options are no longer available or they only offer a “water-repellent” layer that drips off. You cannot make your Xiaomi Mi 9 waterproof afterwards.

If you are at the pool or on the beach, it is worth a waterproof case that seals your cell phone in a bag. This makes the device safe from falling into water or sand. The smartphone can still be operated thanks to the cover.

Waterproof smartphone: sense or nonsense?

Actually, a smartphone shouldn't be used in a water-near environment. Exceptions are people who work on or in the water. But there are special devices for this. Or does so many people actually drop their smartphones in the toilet? Does your new smartphone have to be waterproof?

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