Taking A Closer Look At E-scooters: Why Isn't The Purchase Particularly Smart?

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Taking A Closer Look At E-scooters: Why Isn't The Purchase Particularly Smart?
Taking A Closer Look At E-scooters: Why Isn't The Purchase Particularly Smart?

Video: Taking A Closer Look At E-scooters: Why Isn't The Purchase Particularly Smart?

Video: Taking A Closer Look At E-scooters: Why Isn't The Purchase Particularly Smart?
Video: Electric scooters may not be around for long… 2023, September

First of all, a quick look at the informative, current survey values of the polling institute YouGov. As a result, 77 percent definitely do not want to buy an e-scooter. Only 2 percent want to get such a scooter "definitely", 4 percent still consider it "likely" - by the way, similar values also apply to the use of the rental scooters that are on their way in our big cities. Doesn't sound like a trend and a “must-have” to me now.

GIGA editors already dared to use these “wild lifts”:

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES1

Alternative e-bike: The current bestseller on Amazon

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the electric scooters only fill a very small gap that no one or very few know that it exists at all. In this context, people always like to speak of "overcoming the last mile" - what is meant is the short distance between public transport and the workplace, or one's own home. Sounds pretty good, but there is already something in practice. Called "legs" and normally two of them should always be attached to the bottom of the user's torso. Has prevailed in the course of evolution. Tip: Try it out!

E-scooter: the netbook among means of transportation

For me, the e-scooters are the netbooks among means of transportation. What do you no longer know? Which underpins my thesis in and of itself. The idea sounded pretty good at first, but later on in practice, netbooks could not prevail in the long run. With the success of the iPad at the latest, it was over for the underperforming mini notebooks. The situation is similar with e-scooters: exciting at first glance, but in the end you either drive a car or public transport again or switch to a bike / e-bike.

My thoughts on the weekend: The column wants to provide food for thought, call for discussion and reflect on the “news surge” of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

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  • Dark mode in the smartphone just a gimmick? I do not care!

This niche dilemma seems to have been recognized by quite a few citizens. Too critical and subjective? Wait, there are more reasons why buying an e-scooter is not particularly sensible - apart from the not really attractive price for the models that actually meet the regulations:

  • Do you want to ride together with the kids? Forget it, you can only pilot e-scooters at 14. Your daughter laughs about it and meanwhile overtakes you on her bike, because …
  • … the speed ends at a meager 20 km / h. Actually, that's a good thing, because …
  • … with the nature of our roads and roads, you have to be a very tough and lifelong journeyman to get on an e-scooter with small wheels. And you only get hard …
  • … Through sport! But with the use of an e-scooter you give a clear removal. Those who prefer to travel small distances with a "two-wheeled hospital chair" instead of running celebrate the rising lack of movement and celebrate with a feast on their altar.

Well, I told you:


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I mean, I get it. In the past, when I was fatter, I avoided every additional step. Today I know: If I want to keep my weight long-term and maybe even slim down a bit more, I can only do this with sport and exercise. I am now looking for them, whether on my daily bike rides or on vacation. I like to get up earlier just to walk a few kilometers for the family's breakfast rolls - the pleasant is combined with the sporty and useful.

It seems bizarre, on the one hand we celebrate the movement with fitness trackers and smartwatches, on the other hand we should spend hundreds of euros on an e-scooter, only to prevent this once sensible movement during the day. Probably there are even contemporaries who roll seriously into the gym with the e-scooter - how paradoxical.

Oh yes, I can and shouldn't care. I prefer to get on my bike again today and enjoy the honestly deserved sweat. In the sense: Have a good trip ahead!

PS: Greetings to our GIGA reader Oliver "Horst" Kieffer at this point. My name is Sven, but you - only you - may continue to call me "Heinz";-)

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