Buy An E-scooter Now Or Wait?

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Buy An E-scooter Now Or Wait?
Buy An E-scooter Now Or Wait?

Video: Buy An E-scooter Now Or Wait?

Video: Buy An E-scooter Now Or Wait?
Video: Electric scooters may not be around for long… 2023, March

In short: The model requires approval from the Federal Motor Transport Authority. To get it, the e-scooter must have the following properties:

  • Top speed 20 km / h
  • Handrail
  • Two independent brakes
  • Bell jar
  • Front and rear lights
  • Rear and side reflectors
  • Insurance indicator

Below we list models that have received the general operating permit. Such electric scooters can be recognized in trade by appropriate advertising. However, one should be careful that one of the online shops or dealers on site does not cheer a shop keeper who may not legally be driven on the street.

What are the differences between e-scooters?

A minimum standard of quality and equipment is already required by the approval. Nevertheless, there will be clear differences, which are reflected in the price - from around 500 euros to 2500 euros. Important criteria to consider when buying an e-scooter:

  • Are the wheels big enough to be able to drive the e-scooter safely on the desired paths?
  • How long is the range, so how long can you drive with one battery charge?
  • Can the battery be removed and / or is the whole scooter transportable enough to be able to be charged personally?

And if I prefer a cheap e-scooter for 200 euros ?

… then you were unlucky, we have not yet come across any models with approval in the lower price range. You must not ride on bike paths, sidewalks or the road. In addition, you have to expect that such models are not safe.


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E-scooters under 300 euros at Amazon

What models are there that are already approved?

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the following e-scooters have received general operating approval:

  • Tier ES 200 G (Tier Mobility GmbH)
  • VOI Voiager 1 (VOI Technology AB)
  • IO Hawk Sparrow (IO Hawk Invest GmbH)
  • B1D, Flash, Circ (LMTS Holding SCA)
  • Lime-S 3.0 (LimeBike Germany GmbH)
  • IO Hawk Exit-Cross (IO Hawk Invest GmbH)
  • Egret TEN (Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH) - already available, 1649 euros
  • Moovi (Kaufmann Sortimentsgroßhandel GmbH)
  • efloater (Floatility GmbH)
  • Egret EIGTHT; THE-URBAN #BRLIN (Walberg Electrics GmbH) - already available, 1249 euros
  • Bird One (Bird Rides Europe BV)
  • SoFlo S06 (SoFlo BV)
  • (Unknown designation) (Segway Europe BV)
  • VOI ES100D (Voi Technology AB)

Of course here: The models of the rental companies (Tier, Lime, Voi). There was already a special permit for road use for:

  • moover from Metz - available for 1998 euros from Amazon
  • X2 City from BMW e-scooter - available from 2299 euros

MediaMarkt also lists other models that should be street legal and only cost between 400 and 600 euros.

View e-scooters at MediaMarkt

Should I buy the e-scooter now or wait?

As the list shows, the available range is still small. With new launches within the framework of the IFA and the further approval process, the selection in the trade should increase in the next weeks and months.

The prices after the first onslaught and increased competition are likely to fall slightly. We therefore advise to wait. If you have already found your dream in one of the above models and would like to be one of the first to start, you can of course order.

In some major cities there are also sharing services - just as bicycles, mopeds and cars can be borrowed. With the use of such a service, you can familiarize yourself well with the e-scooters without having to spend a four-digit amount.

I want an e-scooter now! Is there already a recommendable product?

GIGA tested the moover from Metz. The "Made in Germany" vehicle shone thanks to the high quality of workmanship, and we also noticed the brakes, tires and range positively. Some might be bothered by the fact that the battery is permanently installed. Anyone who lives on the fourth floor of an apartment building without an elevator will have little fun lugging the 16 kg scooter upstairs for charging.


Buy Metz moover from Amazon

Otherwise a great product that received our test seal with the rating "80%" - a very good result.

The above-mentioned Egret EIGHT and the cheaper models from MediaMarkt are cheaper. However, we would like to draw your attention to the small wheels - the path must be quite good and smooth to be able to ride comfortably.

Do I have to do anything else?

You need car liability insurance. With the insurance you get a sticker that can be stuck on, which must be attached to the back of the e-scooter like a number plate. The first insurances will be available in a few weeks and are expected to cost 30 to 90 euros a year - young customers have to pay more because of the higher risk. For some scooters, the first year of insurance will be included in the purchase price. By the way: The insurance applies to the vehicle, no matter who drives it.

In the video, we show what you have to consider in road traffic:

E-scooters in Germany: what is allowed?

So it is still important: there is a minimum age, you must be 14 or older to be allowed to drive the scooters. A helmet is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Then it goes on the bike path or - if there is none - on the street. And not on the sidewalk.

Sebastian Trepesch
Sebastian Trepesch

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