NFC Protective Sleeves And Cards: They Really Do

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NFC Protective Sleeves And Cards: They Really Do
NFC Protective Sleeves And Cards: They Really Do

Video: NFC Protective Sleeves And Cards: They Really Do

Video: NFC Protective Sleeves And Cards: They Really Do
Video: Do RFID Credit Card Blocking Sleeves Work? 2023, June

You can build a very simple NFC protective cover yourself with one or two layers of aluminum foil. This is enough to block the electronic signals of the NFC chip. The so-called "NFC protective cover" is usually structured similarly and "NFC wallets" also rely on protection made of material that blocks the radio frequencies used.

NFC protection cards work fundamentally differently: They also have a chip built into them, which responds to electronic activation, for example by payment terminals. Only this chip then sends interference radiation, which “drowns out” the clear reception of the card data and thus makes it impossible.

What should be clear to you:

Neither method protects at all during the payment process! And this is when most of the illegal access to your card data takes place

Whether you need something like this depends on the individual case. With normal bank or credit cards, it is unnecessary if you enter your PIN discreetly. Only the name, the card number and the expiry date are stored on the card itself. The associated PIN is in your head and on the bank server. If the card is used for payment, the server retrieves this data from the card and then waits for your number to be entered. This is compared with the number stored in the database. If everything is correct, payment will be made.

So even if you read all the data from your card, you can't do anything with it. Only when you can also spy on your PIN can the data be misused.

As a rule, both NFC protective sleeves and wallets as well as NFC protective cards work well. What you use depends on two factors:

  • How many cards do you want / need to protect?
  • What can it cost?

An NFC protective cover usually protects a card. An NFC wallet protects everything in it. NFC protection cards work well to protect multiple cards within a compartment.

So you need as many sleeves as you have cards. Or you can put two RFID protection cards in your wallet in addition to your cards. If you want all cards to be protected, even if they are added, then use an NFC wallet.

NFC is not just dangerous. The function can also be very useful on a cell phone:


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Protect NFC checking cards - how it works

There is a large selection of NFC protective sleeves, cards and simple NFC wallets and wallets for money, papers and cards on Amazon.


NFC protective covers

  • Advantages: Very affordable. For example, you can get 5 NFC cases from Amazon for € 2.90.
  • Disadvantages: Each card is packed individually, you may also get 2 cards in one sleeve. This makes everything significantly thicker and the already tight space becomes even scarcer with many cards. In addition, you first have to get the cover out of your wallet and then tear out the card. After paying everything is reversed.

NFC protection cards

  • Advantages: An RFID protection card in the wallet can protect several NFC cards. The money cards themselves are kept as usual and can be removed normally.
  • Disadvantages: You need space for 1-2 more cards. In addition, the cards are not cheap. You should already take 2 pieces and keep your cards in between.

NFC wallets

  • Advantages: Everything inside the wallet is protected without you needing a protective cover. You can also take out the cards as normal and insert them again.
  • Disadvantages: Depending on your personal taste, you will get rid of between 20 and 50 euros.

Buying tips:

  • 5 RFID protective sleeves in neutral gray - € 2.90 including delivery. Good ratings on Amazon.
  • Set of 2 NFC blocker cards - 9.99 euros for Prime customers. 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Tested by ourselves - work!
  • Men's wallet with TÜV-tested NFC protection - 29.95 euros, available in several versions, 4.5 out of 5 stars and over 600 reviews.
  • Women's RFID protection wallet - 23.95 euros, in red, pink and black, good ratings.

With these protective measures, you should be on the safe side and get a better feeling. You have to decide for yourself what is necessary in individual cases. Each of the suggested options will protect you from reading your NFC cards while you are carrying them. If you leave them somewhere, the crooks have an easy time of it.

Open source vs. commercial software - what do you use?

Marco Kratzenberg
Marco Kratzenberg

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