Never Turn Off Your Phone? Why You Should Absolutely Do It

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Never Turn Off Your Phone? Why You Should Absolutely Do It
Never Turn Off Your Phone? Why You Should Absolutely Do It

Video: Never Turn Off Your Phone? Why You Should Absolutely Do It

Video: Never Turn Off Your Phone? Why You Should Absolutely Do It
Video: How to Make Your Phone NEVER TURN OFF (iPhone) 2023, March

If you restart your device every now and then, it will be noticeably faster afterwards. This allows the operating system to reorganize itself and contaminated sites are deleted from the temporary RAM. Furthermore, your battery lasts significantly longer. If you charge it with the smartphone switched off, the charging process is also shorter.

1. The battery is protected and charges faster

When the phone is off, the battery is charged evenly, making it last longer:

  • Example: If you gamble or open apps while charging, the charging current (2000 mA) is divided between the battery (1600 mA) and the mobile phone hardware (400 mA). Depending on the CPU power required, the charging current that the battery gets, fluctuates, causing it to be charged irregularly.
  • A constant charging current is particularly helpful for smartphones without a removable battery.
  • This means that the battery can last for many years without you feeling a significant loss in capacity.
  • Battery discharge tip: when and with which battery types?
Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

2. The cell phone reacts faster and crashes are avoided

If you switch off your cell phone from time to time, the operating system can remove contaminated sites and rearrange them:

  • Apps and system services are restarted, which can eliminate stuttering and any error messages, similar to the restart in Windows.
  • Apps and processes that were started in the background are terminated.
  • Apps, programs and loaded code can hinder the operating system and are reset by a restart.
  • This allows you to make your cell phone faster, especially if the cell phone has not been switched off for days or weeks.
Restarting can make the phone faster
Restarting can make the phone faster

3. Less radiation exposure

Even if there is no “scientific evidence” that cell phone radiation is harmful, you should not necessarily sleep next to, on or with your cell phone. There are really far better alternatives.

  • It is clear that cell phone radiation is unnatural (human invention) and can have long-term effects on the body.
  • If you switch off the cell phone at night, the radiation is reduced to a minimum and the battery is protected.
  • If not, at least use flight mode or move the device further away from your body.
Smartphones are everywhere
Smartphones are everywhere

Image source: istanbul_image_video

When should I switch off my cell phone?

Two good moments to turn off your phone would be at night and while the battery is charging - for the reasons mentioned above. This protects you from cell phone radiation, the battery lasts longer and doesn't break so quickly.

How often should I turn off / restart my phone?

We recommend switching off the cell phone at least once a day. The restart reacts smoothly and quickly. If you do this regularly at night, you are doing a lot of things right.

What happens if you switch off the phone for a long time?

The world has become more hectic, no question about it. But you don't always have to participate. Always online, always available, constantly chatting with friends, constantly surfing the Internet - constantly irritated, constantly flooded with information. If you actively switch off your cell phone or even leave it at home, you will notice how you can experience the world again with your own senses as a human being, without being just a middleman for WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. The moment belongs to you, only you.

  • It's good not to be reachable at times. Keyword: Digital Detox (digital detoxification).
  • And at some point it may be a sign of luxury.

Why the cell phone is always on

"It's so practical!" Sure, but internet access and apps are only half the truth. Humans are herd animals. One of the worst things that can happen to us is to be excluded from the community. At that time, families or tribes were always relatively close together as a community. Today, for example, adults are mostly separated for professional reasons. This limit can at least be broken by mobile phones: pictures of children who are growing up are shared via WhatsApp or Facebook so that the rest of the family can participate. The same applies to other situations with friends and acquaintances.

  • Without a cell phone you would be separated from your own herd.
  • With a cell phone you are in a kind of direct connection and are at least "separated".
  • In the meantime, the cell phone is inevitably needed for everyday office work.
Robert Schanze
Robert Schanze

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