Is Auxmoney Serious? All Information At A Glance

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Is Auxmoney Serious? All Information At A Glance
Is Auxmoney Serious? All Information At A Glance

Video: Is Auxmoney Serious? All Information At A Glance

Video: Is Auxmoney Serious? All Information At A Glance
Video: Bei AUXMONEY Geld anlegen - TEST der P2P Kreditplattform | Investieren in P2P Kredite 2023, October

Auxmoney is a credit brokerage portal for private individuals - and therefore an alternative to bank loans. Accordingly, both investors and loan seekers can register with Auxmoney. The loan seekers are checked for their creditworthiness, but are also given the option of a loan with a negative Schufa entry - but the interest rate is usually somewhat higher if the creditworthiness is poor.

Auxmoney also offers positive options for investors. So investors can start from just € 25 per financing - and thus achieve a diversification that reduces the risk. There are six different asset classes to choose from, which offer different returns.

You can find more information about Auxmoney on our overview page.

Is Auxmoney serious? That's what customers say

Auxmoney received a rating of 4.9 stars (out of 5) on the eKomi rating portal and received the gold seal with 97.7% positive ratings (as of 08.10.2019). With the rating portal Trustpilot, Auxmoney received four out of five stars with 112 votes (as of October 8, 2019). The customer opinion is almost entirely positive, both with regard to investors and loan seekers. The TüV Saarland also checked and certified the credit intermediary.

This is how you can recognize fake shops on the Internet:

This is how you recognize fake shops

Auxmoney: A serious alternative

In conclusion, it can be said that Auxmoney is a reputable portal for personal loans. It is a verified and secure website, which is an alternative to other online lending and also to the classic bank loan. Before using it, however, it is of course advisable to compare the interest rates or the returns from other providers.

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