Deactivate Microsoft Teams: Switch Off Autostart And Notifications

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Deactivate Microsoft Teams: Switch Off Autostart And Notifications
Deactivate Microsoft Teams: Switch Off Autostart And Notifications

Video: Deactivate Microsoft Teams: Switch Off Autostart And Notifications

Video: Deactivate Microsoft Teams: Switch Off Autostart And Notifications
Video: Disable Microsoft Team from Startup Windows 10 2023, October

If you don't want Microsoft Teams to be loaded every time the computer starts, you can deactivate the autostart in the program itself.


How to deactivate the Microsoft Teams autostart:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right of the app and then on the menu item " Settings".
  2. In the " General " window, on the right in the " Application " section, there is a check mark next to " Start application automatically ". Remove this check mark.

The new setting will be saved automatically and you have deactivated the autostart of Microsoft Teams in this way. In order to make sure that the program really ends when you close it, remove the check mark from " Continue application when closing ".

See what Microsoft Teams has to offer in the video:

Microsoft Teams presented

Turn off Microsoft Team notifications entirely

Microsoft Teams gives you countless notifications as soon as anything happens. You can choose between up to three types of notification - or turn it off.

If you now want to deactivate the notifications in Microsoft Teams, you can of course switch over each individual occasion for a notification in the personal settings. But that is far too cumbersome and unnecessary. You can mute entire channels and thus ensure silence without having to switch off Microsoft Teams.


How to mute a Microsoft Teams channel:

  1. After starting Microsoft Teams you will see a list of the teams on the left and below this team's channels.
  2. If you move the mouse over a channel, three dots will appear, which you can use to reach a menu. These three dots can also be seen to the right of the channel name when you click on the channel and activate it.
  3. Click on these three points and then on the menu on " Channel Notifications ".
  4. In the following window, the notifications for " All new posts " switch to " Off " and tick the box " Include all replies ".
  5. Also sets the " Channel mentions " option to " Off ".
  6. Finally click on " Save ".

This ensures that you will not receive any notifications from this channel until you reactivate them.

Change Microsoft Teams notifications

You can set different notifications at Microsoft Teams for different situations. About a little pop-up when your name is mentioned, but an email when a new chat message arrives. You can also specify the occasion on which a notification tone is played.


The type of notification that is possible depends on the situation. And you can't turn off every notification that way. For example, the mention of your person cannot be deactivated - only mitigated by only being shown in the feed.

How to change the notification types at Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams knows 3 types of notifications that you can switch between. You can also turn off the notification for different situations.

  • Banner and email: In this case, a small popup will appear and you will also receive an email notification.
  • Banner: With every new action you will get a notification popup.
  • Show only in feed: The new message is only shown in the currently loaded feed.

You can decide how you want to be notified in different situations. For example, only through popups when new messages arrive and not at all when someone mentions a subscribed channel.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right and then on " Settings ".
  2. In the setup dialog click on " Notifications " on the left.
  3. On the right you can now see the different types of action and you can also choose whether and how a notification should be sent.
  4. Below, under " Other ", you can also restrict the notification tones or switch them off entirely.
  5. There you also determine whether you want to receive an email summary of missed activities at all.

The notification settings are a bit cumbersome, but that's still fine if you want to delete your Microsoft Teams account. Remember that in Windows 10 you can also deactivate notifications globally or for selected apps.

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