Ticket Rocket Experience: Serious Or Fraud?

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Ticket Rocket Experience: Serious Or Fraud?
Ticket Rocket Experience: Serious Or Fraud?

Video: Ticket Rocket Experience: Serious Or Fraud?

Video: Ticket Rocket Experience: Serious Or Fraud?
Video: "Scam, Horrible experience" (Asap Tickets Reviews) 2023, September

If you look at the relevant rating portals, Ticketrocket almost exclusively has negative ratings. And even if there is more than one star, people still complain about usury prices.

On the other hand, if you look at the ticket rocket experience at Trustpilot, the company does nothing to improve its bad reputation - on the contrary, it complains to Trustpilot when the outraged customers take the tone and say clearly what they are saying to think of.

That speaks against ticket rocket


If you read the reviews in more detail, you will always get complaints about almost non-existent support - you won't find a phone number.

A glance at the imprint should be a warning signal: it does not in any way comply with the regulations for a company that wants to do business in Germany. The alleged company headquarters are in Cyprus. A statement by a managing director is missing. This is also mandatory for a German website in the case of a "LTD company".

The following should make you wonder at Ticketrocket:

  • According to the imprint, the provider is located in Cyprus.
  • The imprint does not correspond to the German laws. Among other things, the specification of a representative is missing.
  • The server is registered in the Netherlands.
  • No German support phone number is given.
  • On the home page and in the FAQ, PayPal is mentioned as a payment option. When ordering, however, only payment via credit card, bank transfer and instant bank transfer is offered. This may be due to the fact that in the event of a complaint with PayPal, the money will be refunded while PayPal blocks the payments to the provider.
  • The prices are sometimes adventurously high, which Ticketrocket explains with the law of "supply and demand". Say: You absolutely want it, so we milk you!

Our video also shows you how to recognize a fake shop:

This is how you recognize fake shops

These problems may await you when buying through Ticketrocket

Recently, musicians and concert organizers have started to "personalize" tickets. The tickets are given the name of the visitor when the legal order is placed. These concert tickets are only valid for the persons printed on them and cannot be resold.

So it may well happen that you stand at the front door of an event and are not admitted. According to Ticketrocket's General Terms and Conditions, you are not entitled to a refund and the concert organizer does not have to refund the illegally passed on tickets anyway.

But even if everything works and you are actually satisfied, you have probably paid "black market prices" for the tickets. The most common complaints concern “service fees” and surcharges, which are referred to as “rip-off”.

Conclusion on Ticketrocket.de

Our recommendation will not suit everyone and may be followed far too rarely: exercise restraint and be accepted when a concert is sold out. Does not support resale platform for tickets! Don't buy them from ticket speculators on eBay either.

This should be difficult for fans. And if there are no more tickets anywhere, some are even willing to pay double for the tickets. In this case, take another piece of advice: Before you buy, read how the Internet rates the provider. Googled in the future, for example, "Ticketrocket reviews", "Ticketrocket experiences" or "Ticketrocket serious". Usually you will find statements about the provider that provide a pretty good picture of their service. You should definitely be suspicious if there are nothing but negative statements on one rating portal, while the provider advertises itself with the rating "very good" from another rating portal.

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