Dropbox Transfer: This Is How Clever Data Sharing Works

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Dropbox Transfer: This Is How Clever Data Sharing Works
Dropbox Transfer: This Is How Clever Data Sharing Works

Video: Dropbox Transfer: This Is How Clever Data Sharing Works

Video: Dropbox Transfer: This Is How Clever Data Sharing Works
Video: Dropbox File Sharing - What You Need to Know! 2023, October

While most WeTransfer alternatives work without an account and registration, you must have an account for Dropbox Transfer or create a new one. Then you can also share files from your Dropbox inventory as a link or by email without the recipient needing an account there.


How Dropbox Transfer works:

  1. You need to register with Dropbox to create a transfer.
  2. Click on " Transfer " in the menu on the left side of the main page to see your previous transfers or to create a new one.
  3. At the top right you can see the button " Create transfer " - click on it.
  4. Now a new window opens, as you are probably already used to from similar services. You can click the plus icon to choose files from your hard drive. Alternatively, they can also be dragged into the window with the mouse. The special feature of Dropbox Transfer is that you can also choose files or folders that you have already saved with Dropbox.
  5. As soon as this has happened, you will see the " Next " button below and the date on which this transfer link becomes invalid. Users with a Dropbox Pro account have the option to set an expiry date themselves and also to assign a download password.
  6. After clicking on " Next " you will be shown the link for forwarding. Alternatively, you can also pass it on by email.

As soon as the link has been used by the recipient, you will receive an email notification. You can see statistics of the current and expired transfers in your Dropbox account at any time. The links can also be deleted there.

The advantage of Dropbox Transfer compared to normal link sharing is that the recipient of the link does not have to have a Dropbox account. In this respect, the technology is similar to offers such as WeTransfer. With a Dropbox Free account you have 2 GB of storage space, which you can also use for transfers. With a Dropbox Pro account, the transfers can be up to 100 GB in size and can still be personalized - for example with your own icons, expiration dates and passwords.

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