Call From ++ 441618180135: What's Behind It?

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Call From ++ 441618180135: What's Behind It?
Call From ++ 441618180135: What's Behind It?

Video: Call From ++ 441618180135: What's Behind It?

Video: Call From ++ 441618180135: What's Behind It?
Video: What you didn't notice in Seventeen's Call Call Call MV 2023, December

The messages about the call from ++ 441618180135 unanimously state that the callers speak English, sometimes with a strong Indian or Chinese accent. It seems to be a call center in England that wants to spoil you. Voices from other telephone calls can be heard in the background.

It is striking that the called party is very often addressed by his name. The callers also seem to have more of your data - right down to the credit card number. Obviously, the spammers are using your stolen personal information.

In most cases, it has been reported that the callers put down pre-written texts dealing with gold buying and investment deals. We will also try to get other data from you, such as the e-mail address, and to get you to agree to the receipt of further information.

In some cases, the call is also hung up without a connection. If you call back the displayed number, you will generally not be able to reach anyone. As soon as you ask where the caller got the data from, the conversation is interrupted.


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Block the number ++ 441618180135 and block calls

Ads against a call from ++ 441618180135 have no sense. In this case, the Federal Network Agency cannot do anything because it is not responsible for English connections. You have to be active yourself and should block or block the number. You have different options:

  • If you are called on the cell phone, you can block the phone number in Android or on the iPhone.
  • Telekom customers have other options: log in to the telephony center and then you can block the number directly at Telekom.
  • You can also lock the number in your Fritzbox. Unfortunately, it is not possible to block telephone numbers in a Speedport router.

If these options are not available to you, simply push the number away or pick it up and hang up again immediately. In contrast to "call robots", your numbers in the call centers are usually deleted. However, this does not protect you from similar callers because the thieves have mostly sold your personal data to several spammers.

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