Call From 071196882941: What's Behind It?

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Call From 071196882941: What's Behind It?
Call From 071196882941: What's Behind It?

Video: Call From 071196882941: What's Behind It?

Video: Call From 071196882941: What's Behind It?
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As can be read in various telephone number portals, it is a call center that, on behalf of a company called "Royalwin Lottery Club", is trying to sell lottery tips to a lottery syndicate for its victims.

This company even has a website. There is some sparse information on it as well as an impermissible legal notice that only reveals a little information:

Bülent Hayali

RoyalWin Lottoclub


8 70499 Stuttgart

Nothing can be found here about the company's corporate structure. In addition, such commercial betting groups are subject to strict surveillance and have to prove a lot of permits. There is no tax number and no telephone number.

  • The callers often speak with a strong foreign accent and are reported to be very pushy.
  • You already have some personal data of yours, but are trying to get more data. The data may have been stolen or obtained illegally.
  • The lottery series offered are not subject to any control, you also have no control option. The only winners are probably the people behind the system.

Advice: Never give out data. Confirm nothing. Do not be pushed to answer questions with “yes”


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You can do that against the calls from 071196882941

As can be read on the Internet, there are already some complaints against the operators of this number. It is not just an attempt to defraud, but also a "cold call" - a commercial contact without your prior consent. So you should lodge a complaint against the number 071196882941 with the Federal Network Agency.

However, it usually takes a long time until something happens that such callers use for further annoyance.

So you should better block the phone number 071196882941:

  • If they call you on your cell phone, you can block the number in Android smartphones and iPhones.
  • If you have a Fritzbox router at home, over which the calls run, you can block the number in the Fritzbox.
  • Telecom customers have the option of blocking annoying calls online in the Telecom portal.

If you accept the call, be sure to remember that such companies sometimes take the calls to document alleged consent. It is not appropriate to insult the callers - after all, they have your phone number.