Call From 040655891950: What's Behind The Spam?

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Call From 040655891950: What's Behind The Spam?
Call From 040655891950: What's Behind The Spam?

Video: Call From 040655891950: What's Behind The Spam?

Video: Call From 040655891950: What's Behind The Spam?
Video: Why Spam Calls Are At An All-Time High 2023, September

The people with different company names answer these calls. It is even likely that no real company can be found behind the number 040655891950. Technically, it is relatively easy to fake the outgoing phone number these days.

This method is called call ID spoofing. For example, call centers in Turkey have been identified that cheat people with fake German phone numbers. So there is little point in complaining to the Federal Network Agency about these advertising calls.

This is known from the calls on the phone number 040655891950:

  • The callers speak to you by your name.
  • They want to persuade you to change the electricity provider.
  • In the background one hears the conversation of other telephone calls (call center).
  • Pretend to be an electricity consultancy or even the local public utility.
  • If you ask where they got the telephone number and the name of the subscriber from, they are given an alleged participation in a competition or participation in a survey.

The callers either bought your number and personal data from one of the relevant illegal address exchanges or they got it through theft (hacked websites). There is probably nothing legally you can do about these calls, but you're still not entirely helpless. Here are our tips.


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Block 040655891950 and block forever

Technically speaking, it is relatively easy to block the number 040-655891950. If you are bothered on the cell phone, simply use the number blocking there. Calls in the fixed network can be blocked at the provider or in the router.

  • You can read from us how to block a phone number on Android phones and the iPhone.
  • In addition, we will explain to you elsewhere how to block individual numbers or entire ranges of numbers in Telekom's telephony center.
  • Fritzbox owners can block telephone numbers in the router.
  • If you still have an ISDN connection that is connected to your PC, you can use the jAnrufmonitor tool, which can also be used to block numbers.

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