Call From 087120897977: What's Behind It?

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Call From 087120897977: What's Behind It?
Call From 087120897977: What's Behind It?

Video: Call From 087120897977: What's Behind It?

Video: Call From 087120897977: What's Behind It?
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The previous victims of these calls state that the caller with this number claims to have been commissioned by E. ON to match customer data. Some of the called parties then inquired about the energy company and were told that there was never such an order.

This marks the calls through 087120897977:

  • Caller claims to call on behalf of E. ON to reconcile data.
  • Some data are read out to the called party, such as the meter number and the cell phone number. Then the callers request further data.
  • It is obviously a matter of persuading the customer to provide data and consent to further contact and advertising.
  • To this end, customers are urged to answer questions with "yes" in order to misuse the "yes" in a later complaint as proof of their consent.
  • As soon as you interrupt the caller or refuse to give the data , they hang up.

In general, you should not rely on the correct telephone number being displayed. It is illegal to forge a phone number, but it is almost never possible to track it for precisely this reason. Some telephone systems can use call ID spoofing technology to falsify the outgoing telephone number. This can go so far that the actual caller is even abroad. That is why complaints to the Federal Network Agency make little sense. So you should rather block the number 087120897977.


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So the number 087120897977 can be blocked

How you can block calls to 087120897977 depends on where you get the calls.

  • If you are called on your cell phone, you can read from us how to block a phone number on Android phones and iPhones.
  • If your telephone number is a landline connection and you have a Fritzbox, you can block calls there.
  • Telekom customers can block individual telephone numbers or entire number blocks in Telekom's telephony center.

Blocking the number 087120897977 is definitely better than exposing yourself to stress or accidentally agreeing to receive spam.

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