Call From +43720880770: That's Behind It

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Call From +43720880770: That's Behind It
Call From +43720880770: That's Behind It

Video: Call From +43720880770: That's Behind It

Video: Call From +43720880770: That's Behind It
Video: THE CALL (2013) FULL MOVIE 2023, March

The number is new, the stitch seems to be similar. The primary goal of calls from 0043720880770 seems to be Germans who have advertised real estate somewhere at some point. Today, sometimes years after this listing, a call center reports and wants to offer real estate deals.

These are the different statements:

  • Supposedly you have the customer data from real estate advertisements on sites like eBay or real estate scout.
  • Apartment or house owners are called - even if the property was sold years ago.
  • Allegedly, one calls on behalf of the Austrian company Braun Immobilien (which actually exists). Sometimes no name is given and there are no email addresses for inquiries.
  • The company is active throughout Germany and wants to help with business by establishing contact with German brokers.
  • Sometimes a call back is announced, which is then from 0043720881677

It is not yet entirely clear what the intentions behind these calls are. But it is probably a matter of depriving the victims of the call of their money. One possibility, for example, is to claim that you want to buy a property and pay in cash. Then the money is suddenly allegedly confiscated and the seller is supposed to send a lawyer fee abroad to get the money out of the hands of the customs. You will never see the money again, nor the alleged buyer.

Our recommendation: Do not do business with companies that cannot be contacted normally and that work with data that has been out of date for years. It is best to block the number +43720880770


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Block phone number +43720880770 - how it works

The callers on this phone number are characterized by annoying persistence. Therefore, you shouldn't waste your time on it, but instead take effective countermeasures. It is easiest if you block the number and ideally also the whole number range 004372088xxx.

  • Telecom customers can log in to the telephony center with their access data. There you can block the number 0043720880770.
  • If you are called on the cell phone, it is even easier: You can block any caller in Android or iPhone very quickly.
  • With the right router, it's not a problem anyway. Fritzbox owners can block calls there.

Under no circumstances should you get involved in long conversations or respond to business proposals - even if you really want to sell real estate. There is certainly no serious offer behind these call center calls.

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