Call From 020862809760: Better Hang Up And Block

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Call From 020862809760: Better Hang Up And Block
Call From 020862809760: Better Hang Up And Block

Video: Call From 020862809760: Better Hang Up And Block

Video: Call From 020862809760: Better Hang Up And Block
Video: 5 Useful Apps That Block Annoying Robocalls 2023, October

In the first place, the calls reported as harassment obviously apply to commercial companies. The entry in a business directory is to be sold, but the value of these entries can be regarded as rather low. This becomes clear to everyone who searches for "grigo" on one of the websites, for example, and who does not find the company "Grigoleit", which is highlighted on the start page, but a company called "Grigo" and a restaurant that does not do the least with the term has to do.

With the usual telephone number portals, the victims warn especially of these stitches:

  • You are called as a company owner and receive the offer of a free advertising entry in the directory.
  • Subsequently, the consent to a chargeable entry is confirmed and an invoice is issued.
  • It is also possible that the caller claims that they have had a free entry on a website for several years and now want to compare the data.

Other victims of the calls complain, for example, about never-ending call attempts and persistent attempts to force the called party to make a commitment. It is highly recommended to block the telephone number 020862809760 - ideally the whole area behind 0208628097 *, since calls with other end numbers were also reported.


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Block the number 020862809760 - how it works

Calls on a cell phone are particularly easy to block. But even if the number 020862809760 calls you on the landline, you can defend yourself and block it. You can block entire areas in a Fritzbox router and Deutsche Telekom customers can also block such numbers:

  • You can simply block the number 020862809760 on your Android smartphone and iPhone.
  • Fritzbox owners can block the number in the router.
  • As a telecom customer you register in the telephony center and can block calls to 020862809760 for each of your connections.

Basically, you should never simply agree to any offer on the phone. Also refrain from requesting offers by email or post! Anything that sounds like a promise should be avoided. Instead, make it clear that you have no interest.

Alternatively, you can just hang up and then immediately block the number. In the long term, this should turn out to be the most nerve-saving option.

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