Telephone Number 030549084480: Attempted Fraud - Again The "Vodafone Scam"

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Telephone Number 030549084480: Attempted Fraud - Again The "Vodafone Scam"
Telephone Number 030549084480: Attempted Fraud - Again The "Vodafone Scam"

Video: Telephone Number 030549084480: Attempted Fraud - Again The "Vodafone Scam"

Video: Telephone Number 030549084480: Attempted Fraud - Again The "Vodafone Scam"
Video: Tax scammers traced back to India (Marketplace) 2023, October

The calls on 030549084480 are repeated 1: 1, which we have already warned about on 03031879861. You can assume that neither of the two numbers is a real telephone connection. Instead, a telephone system fakes the outgoing telephone number using so-called "Call ID spoofing". The crooks are probably not even in Germany.

This is what the called parties report on this number:

  • The callers are usually very difficult to understand because they only speak broken German - sometimes with an Eastern European accent.
  • The callers are said to be acting on behalf of a " Vodafone sales partner " and promise a credit or a new smartphone.
  • To do this, they want to "match data" and, among other things, also require the password of your Vodafone account and your customer number.
  • This happens even if you are not a Vodafone customer at all - which is a clear indication that the calls are fake.

Other call victims report that no one answered and the caller simply hung up. This indicates so-called "ping calls", in which an automatic dialing computer calls random numbers and transfers them to a database.


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Block the number 030549084480

You might get the idea to complain to the Federal Network Agency about the phone number, but that is pointless. It is certainly not a reputable call center that operates a registered telephone number, but criminals who falsify a telephone number and want to use phishing to trick you into disclosing sensitive data.

So save yourself the trouble and prefer a technical solution: You should block the phone number 030549084480 - and this is how it works:

  • It is easiest if you are called on the cell phone. Android smartphones and iPhones have a function with which you can block the number.
  • If you have a landline number at Telekom, you can use the "Telephony Center". There you can block the number 030549084480.
  • Finally, there is the option to lock the router. We use an example to explain how you can block phone numbers in the Fritzbox.

If enough call victims follow this measure, the crooks will probably quickly switch to another fake number. But then you can just go through the whole procedure again.

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