Ergometer In The Test: These Are The Best Exercise Bikes For Cycling At Home

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Ergometer In The Test: These Are The Best Exercise Bikes For Cycling At Home
Ergometer In The Test: These Are The Best Exercise Bikes For Cycling At Home

Video: Ergometer In The Test: These Are The Best Exercise Bikes For Cycling At Home

Video: Ergometer In The Test: These Are The Best Exercise Bikes For Cycling At Home
Video: The best smart bikes for Zwift - A four-way group test 2023, October
  • Ergometer test winner at Stiftung Warentest
  • Price-performance tip
  • Test winner couch ergometer
  • Buying an ergometer 2020: You should know that

The best exercise bikes in 2020: test winners and alternatives at a glance

placement product price offer
Stiftung Warentest winner Finnlo Exum III approx. 500 euros for price comparison
Price-performance tip Christopeit Sport ET 6 approx. 330 euros for price comparison
Test winner couch ergometer Skandia Centaurus approx. 690 euros for price comparison

Bestselling strength leg trainer at Amazon

Test winner of the Stiftung Warentest: Ergometer Finnlo Exum III

25 to 400 watts, electromagnetic induction brake, 40 resistance levels and heart rate measurement - the Finnlo Exum III offers good all-round equipment. He won the medal for the test winner at Stiftung Warentest.

The testers particularly praised the high display accuracy and the very quiet operation. With a grade of 2.0, the Exum III landed in first place, even though the ergometer was one of the cheaper models in the selection. The test is no longer up to date (see issue 1/2015), but the device is still available on the market.

View dealers and price comparisons at idealo


  • Very quiet
  • Accurate ads
  • Good or very good in all sub-grades


Heart rate measurement via ear clip (chest strap can be bought later)

Price-performance winner among the ergometers: Christopeit Sport ET 6

CHRISTOPEIT ET 6 ergometer

Now from € 339.92 at Mediamarkt Similar offer at Otto price can now be higher. Price from 26.07.2020 9:56 p.m.

The Christopeit Sport ET 6 is an ergometer with a 9 kg flywheel and 24-step resistance setting. The exercise bike offers ten preset training programs, and you can also carry out five individual and four pulse-controlled training programs. A large LC display is attached to the handlebar, which shows time, speed, calorie consumption, watts and pulse rate.

The ETM test magazine 3/2020 (included in the Readly subscription, for example) praises the large number of training programs and ease of use. However, it is possible to slide off during training. Overall, the ergometer still achieved a good rating of 90.8% and was awarded as the price-performance winner.

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  • Many training programs
  • Well processed
  • Good display
  • Operation is also easy for beginners


Slipping possible

Test winner: Skandia Centaurus is a couch ergometer

In comparison to Computerbild 3/2020 (also readable in the Ready subscription), a recliner ergometer has risen to the top and is the only model with the "Very Good" award. In the test, it convinced, among other things, with its particularly gentle sitting position (yes, even with a recliner ergometer you sit rather than lie down) and robust construction. But it weighs a proud 51 kilos.

The magnetic brake system should work very quietly and, according to the manufacturer, is low-maintenance. The maximum power of the ergometer is 350 watts. There are hand pulse sensors on the handles. Pulse-controlled programs can also be selected via the computer. If you want, you can "upgrade" the computer with an Android or iOS tablet. Yes, even streaming to a TV including multiplayer function is possible for even more motivation.

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  • High quality and stable
  • Very quiet
  • With tablet and TV connection



Ergometer in the test: How was tested

The following partial grades are included in the overall grade of the Stiftung Warentest:

  • Train: 45 percent
  • Handling: 20 percent
  • Technical check: 25 percent
  • Security: 5 percent
  • Pollutants in the handles: 5 percent

Anyone who chooses an ergometer from a local dealer picks up on a few of the criteria that go into the "training" grade: getting on and off, body adaptation, sitting comfort, synchronized pedaling, comfort of the heart rate monitor and displays, promotion of training motivation (on the display or through connected tablets) as well as the noise.

Buying an exercise bike / exercise bike: You should also know that

These days the run on an ergometer is big - many people have to stay at home, but many want to do sports. Orders for exercise bikes increase, which increases delivery times. If you do not get your desired model, but would like to use a trainer now, you may have to choose a different model - see below.

By the way: If you want to get by without any physical aids, choose a fitness service for your smartphone:


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What should you value when buying an exercise bike?

If possible, try an exercise bike in the store. This is the best way to assess which model suits your size and posture - see also the criteria of the Stiftung Warentest above. Anyone who lives in an apartment chooses a model that is as quiet and low-vibration as possible. A heavier device makes transportation more difficult, but conversely it usually means greater stability.

By the way: In a test by exercise bikes at the beginning of 2013, the Stiftung Warentest came to the conclusion: “Cheap things don't bring”. Cheap foldable exercise bikes can therefore not keep up with devices that may call themselves ergometers. If you want to permanently enjoy your living room bike, you have to put a few notes on the table - just see the models we selected above.

Otto Versand offers a good selection.

Select and order an ergometer from Otto

What cheap and small alternatives are there?

If, contrary to the recommendations just mentioned, you want a cheap and easily stowable model, consider the Ultrasport bike trainer - currently very high on Amazon's bestseller list:

Bicycle trainer Ultrasport F-Bike 150
Bicycle trainer Ultrasport F-Bike 150

Bicycle trainer Ultrasport F-Bike 150

Now from € 145.99 at Amazon price can now be higher. Price from 02.04.2020 12:13 p.m.

This mini exercise bike is also from the bestseller list and even cheaper. You can, for example, stand under the desk and kick it. The chair you are sitting on should stand securely and not slip.

Mini exercise bike arm and leg trainer
Mini exercise bike arm and leg trainer

Mini exercise bike arm and leg trainer

Now from € 59.99 at Amazon price can now be higher. Price from 05.06.2020 09:12 a.m.

Can I also convert my bike into an exercise bike?

The bike can also be converted into an exercise bike - namely with a roller trainer. But it doesn't always come much cheaper than with an ergometer. Very good devices cost 500 to 1500 euros, they are the choice for ambitious athletes. The magazine RennRad has awarded the Tacx Satori Smart as a price-performance tip in issue 11-12 2019, it is already available for less than 300 euros.

Tacx Satori Smart: View dealers at idealo

The rear wheel of the bike is clamped in this roller trainer. With a magnetic brake, the Tacx Satori Smart makes pedaling difficult, the resistance can be adjusted. Like an ergometer, speed, performance and cadence are tested and sent to a smartphone app. With such a trainer you get a high-quality training device.

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Sebastian Trepesch

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