Call From 017650642602: Silly Prank By Benito

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Call From 017650642602: Silly Prank By Benito
Call From 017650642602: Silly Prank By Benito

Video: Call From 017650642602: Silly Prank By Benito

Video: Call From 017650642602: Silly Prank By Benito
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There are jokes that have their source in an immature children's humor. Unfortunately, many contemporaries cannot get past this stage. This is exactly what lies behind the calls with the number 017650642602! It is a phone prank in which someone has selected a specific call scenario and only has to press different buttons to call.

This is known about the calls:

  • The caller is either a Benito or a pizza supplier.
  • It's about a late pizza order or a flat tire on your car.
  • Other alleged reasons for calling the same number are: Ordnungsamt checked the garbage, car damage, private sale of toilet paper or invitation to a corona party.
  • No one picks up the call.

All of these situations come from the repertoire of the infamous “marcophono” website. There you can play pranks on the phone free of charge by entering a phone number, selecting any additional information (name, car type, color of the car) and then pressing buttons that are linked to announcements.

It is difficult to do something against the polluters or such websites. The latter are registered abroad and the actual callers are already punished enough with their humor. But you can block the calls from the number 017650642602.


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Block calls through 017650642602 - how it works

Nobody needs such stupid calls as they currently come on 017650642602. So take a few minutes and block them. Because who has tried it once will find it funny a second time.

  • When the calls arrive on the cell phone, the caller even paid money for them. Only calls to landlines are free. Fortunately, you can easily block callers on your smartphone.
  • Fixed-line customers of Telekom can block the number 017650642602 in the telephony center.
  • And owners of a Fritzbox can block any telephone numbers in the router.

It is best to just hang up on such calls. Don't waste your time understanding the meaning of the announcements. You just have to accept that some of your friends are something … different.

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