Telephone Number 015731294508: What's Behind The Calls?

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Telephone Number 015731294508: What's Behind The Calls?
Telephone Number 015731294508: What's Behind The Calls?

Video: Telephone Number 015731294508: What's Behind The Calls?

Video: Telephone Number 015731294508: What's Behind The Calls?
Video: Find Out Who is Calling You With Private / Blocked Number 2023, September

The calls to telephone number 015731294508 obviously come from a call center and the callers pretend to call on behalf of a company for energy advice.

  • In this context, the name " Convexis Energy Consulting " is mentioned again and again. (Sometimes the name " Connexial " appears.)
  • The victims of the calls are said to be forced to change their electricity provider.
  • The callers have some data about their victims, but these are usually incomplete, and sometimes incorrect. This indicates that the data was bought or stolen.
  • If it is indicated that consent must be given for such calls, the callers either hang up or claim that they are present - but are not prepared to prove this.
  • Calls are made several times a day, including several days. All requests for data deletion are ignored.

In any case, it can be assumed that the number 015731294508 is forged and comes about through "Call ID spoofing", in which a telephone system sends an incorrect number. For this reason, complaints to the Federal Network Agency or reports to the police have no sense. You should block the number 015731294508 to be safe from further calls.


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Block phone number 015731294508: how it works

The aggressive repetition of the calls is what makes the number 015731294508 so disturbing. To block time and nerves, you should simply block the number. This is relatively easy, depending on where the calls reach you:

  • Calls on the cell phone can be easily blocked. You can easily block the number 015731294508 on iPhone or Android phones.
  • You have two options for calls to landline connections: Telekom customers can log into the "Telephony Center" and block any telephone numbers there.
  • Alternatively, you can block phone numbers in telephone systems or routers. Owners of a Fritzbox can block the number 015731294508.

This saves you further calls and you don't have to get upset. You have no legal means against the callers, as long as you cannot prove that the calls can be assigned to a company. It is even quite possible that the call center is located abroad, making it even more difficult to persecute. Save your time!

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