Electricity Consultation Trap From 08221274006: Who Is Calling?

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Electricity Consultation Trap From 08221274006: Who Is Calling?
Electricity Consultation Trap From 08221274006: Who Is Calling?

Video: Electricity Consultation Trap From 08221274006: Who Is Calling?

Video: Electricity Consultation Trap From 08221274006: Who Is Calling?
Video: The Redundancy Trap 2023, December

As a rule, one complaint marks all complaints via the telephone number 08221274006: Nobody has given this company explicit permission for such an advertising call and the claim that there is an "opt-in consent" is unlikely to stand up to legal review. Wide-ranging "advertising consent" in the context of alleged competitions are repeatedly dismissed by the courts.

The stitch behind numbers 08221274006 and 08221274007 is as follows:

  • A call center calls and answers with the name of ACC Stromvertrieb. They are an energy consulting company and want to offer interesting electricity and gas tariffs. Usually a Turkish accent can be heard from the callers.
  • In some cases, it was said to work with local public utilities.
  • Sometimes it is also said that the contract is about to expire and that you have a cheaper offer.
  • If the victim admits that they have neither requested nor approved such a call, it is claimed that the consent was given as an "opt-in" in the context of an internet competition.
  • If you continue to report doubts, ask about the source of the data or make several inquiries, the callers sometimes hang up.
  • Even if you ask for a website or the sending of documents in order to get an idea of yourself, you will be hung up.
  • The callers already have some data, but usually do not know which electricity provider you are with. Instead , they keep trying to get the meter number and IBAN.

There is a lot to be said about this. First of all, clearly documentable consent to this advertising call is mandatory. In this case, however, it will mostly be a call to numbers obtained through data collection pages. In some cases, numbers were even called that were never given anywhere. Then you can assume a ping call.

Our recommendation for calls from 08221274006 and 08221274007

If you don't really want to change your electricity tariff, you can of course listen to the callers. But it has probably been shown that they only work with a handful of electricity providers and that you can find cheaper offers with your own research.

Under no circumstances should you give any kind of consent on the phone. Do not be pushed to answer questions that can only be answered with yes. If there is a recording of such a call, you must also agree to this beforehand. If you are asked, refuse! If you are not asked and a record is used as an alleged agreement, this evidence will not be recognized in court. Just hang up.

If you are sure that you have neither requested this call nor explicitly agreed to it by clicking on confirmation links or SMS replies, you should complain to the Federal Network Agency !


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Block the number 08221274006

The calls from 08221274006 and 08221274007 are annoying in many cases. If the number appears in your phone number display, you should block it.

This can be done in different ways depending on the device. How to block 08221274006 and 08221274007:

  • If you got the call on your cell phone, you can simply block such numbers in Android or iPhone.
  • Fixed-line customers of Telekom should register in the "Telephony Center" and block the two numbers online. Other telephone providers offer similar options.
  • You can also block your phone numbers in the Fritzbox. In this case, the calls are still saved in the log file, but are no longer put through to the phones.

By the way, you yourself have the right to revoke your consent at any time. This is also possible during the advertising call. According to the GDPR, you can insist on being deleted from the call list and can also request that the deletion of the data be confirmed in writing.

How do you handle your data? Don't you care as long as it works or do you find privacy and anonymity important on the Internet? What if every step of you, every comment on the internet was traceable? What would happen to freedom of expression? Let us know your opinion on data protection and the Internet.

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