Left On Read: Meaning And Translation Of The Expression

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Left On Read: Meaning And Translation Of The Expression
Left On Read: Meaning And Translation Of The Expression

Video: Left On Read: Meaning And Translation Of The Expression

Video: Left On Read: Meaning And Translation Of The Expression
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left "on read" - translation from English: (someone / a message) left "on read"

The phrase "left on read" is related to the functionality of messenger apps and is used by many to describe the behavior of the chat partner after reading a message.

Messenger usually shows you - for example with blue ticks - the status of your sent message. If the other person opens your message, for example by tapping the notification on the smartphone, it is marked as "read". In some apps, this is also indicated by the addition "read" / "read" or the image of the user under the message.

Tip: In WhatsApp you can deactivate the blue tick.

If someone has now viewed your message and therefore shows in your chat app that your message has been read, they should usually respond. Instead, however, you don't hear anything from the person at all and you may be annoyed as to why your counterpart is not answering. - Then the person left you “on read”.

An example of "left on read":

(1:15 p.m.) Person A: "Hey, are you already on the way, you wanted to report it?"

(1:16 p.m.): ~ Message is marked as "read" ~

(1:55 p.m.) Person A: "Where are you? I know you saw the message."

(2:01 p.m.) Person A: "…"


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"Left on read": Memes and reasons for behavior

Since very few respond immediately, there are many memes on the Internet that express this frustration. Here's an example:

This behavior has crept into the digital world, where you can or must always be reached. There are many reasons why someone does not respond even though they have seen the message: Either you don't have time right now, you deliberately ignore the person or you try to break the contact. When it becomes permanent, it is called ghosting.

However, this approach is not polite and the other person is very likely to be offended by it. If you cannot answer, please write this briefly so that the chat partner knows and do not simply leave the message on "read".

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