ING: Contactless Payment Via Google Pay Starts In Germany

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ING: Contactless Payment Via Google Pay Starts In Germany
ING: Contactless Payment Via Google Pay Starts In Germany

ING (formerly ING-DiBa) officially announced Google Pay on August 21, 2019. The service starts immediately for all customers with an ING VISA Card

After ING had already announced Apple Pay, it looked bad for Google Pay customers who had an ING account for a long time. The direct bank did not want to make a clear statement about its own plans with or without Google's contactless payment service. Now the practical service for Android users comes even before Apple Pay starts, as the bank announced on August 21 on Twitter:

Original article from 25.03.2019:

Anyone who wants to use Google Pay at ING-DiBa (now only “ING”) is still looking into the tube. ING does not yet offer either Google Pay or Apple Pay. There is also currently no such thing as an “in-house solution” (as with the Sparkasse).

After long saying that they did not want to join the trend of mobile payment, there is now hope. In the meantime, the customer service and the social media team on the official website have confirmed that Apple Pay will be launched this year. However, there is still no exact date. Just the assurance that it was not the end of 2019.


Even though you rowed back with Apple Pay, the ING remains covered with Google Pay. You definitely look at the service, but can't say anything specific yet. You may also be waiting for the first numbers after the launch of Apple Pay to make a decision about Google Pay.

In Australia, Google Pay is already available for ING customers. At this time, however, there is no guarantee that the service will also come to Germany. In the meantime, some customers have started a petition to change their minds.


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ING-DiBa: Use Google Pay anyway

If you already want to use Google Pay with your ING-DiBa account, there is an alternative solution. You only need a PayPal account. Google Pay can be used not only with a credit card from a participating bank, but also with a PayPal account. This is again free of restrictions. You can also deposit your ING bank account there as a means of payment. In another article, we will show you how to use Google Pay with PayPal.

As soon as there is an easier way or the ING makes a statement regarding the payment service from Google, you will get more information here. If you know a better workaround, write it to us in the comments. We then add it.

What do you think of mobile payments?

According to some experts, cash payments will soon come to an end. Instead, for example, the smartphone should be available as a digital wallet at the checkout. What do you think of mobile payments?

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