Exclusive: Battles Played In Pokémon Masters

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Exclusive: Battles Played In Pokémon Masters
Exclusive: Battles Played In Pokémon Masters

Video: Exclusive: Battles Played In Pokémon Masters

Video: Exclusive: Battles Played In Pokémon Masters

As in almost every other Pokémon game, your goal in Pokémon Masters is of course to become the best coach ever. However, not in the classic Pokémon League, but in the so-called Pokémon Master League (PML). It is located on the artificial island of Pasio - Pokémon Masters takes place in a completely new area of the Pokémon world. Numerous well-known trainers made a pilgrimage there to be able to measure themselves against each other - including you.

If you only know Misty and Rocko from the first Pokémon generation at the beginning, new trainers will join you in the first chapter, who can accompany you on your journey from now on. That's right: Pokémon Masters is divided into chapters. Although the game is only released on smartphones, Pokémon Masters is a single player adventure - you can play at your own pace and don't have to compete with other players who may have a lot more time to play or significantly more money invest than you.

The first gameplay trailer for the game shows what Pokémon Masters looks like in action:

Pokémon Masters: Prepare for the "World Pokémon Masters"!

A lot to consider for a mobile game

In Pokémon Masters, you no longer fight alone: in the game, you compete against three opponents at the same time with three coaches you control. However, you cannot freely choose which Pokémon you want to include in your team: In Pokémon Masters there are the so-called sync pairs, which are made up of a well-known trainer from the seven Pokémon generations and his distinctive Pokémon partner. Red is fighting alongside Charizard, Misty is with Starmie and you, trainer, get a Pikachu.

As the game progresses, you'll always meet new trainers and their partner Pokémon - and you can recruit them for your own trio. To do this, however, you have to fight them first - and that's not so easy. You will be shown in advance which Pokémon types you have the best chances against the next opponent. In the end, a lot can still happen during the fight without a time limit - as in the main Pokémon parts as well.


Pokémon Masters is not turn-based, as is usually the case in the series. Instead, you choose in real time which attack you want to perform next. Your Pokémon cannot start attacks at the same time, but only one after the other. However, what you choose will be included in your Pokémon's schedule and executed as soon as there is room for maneuver.

In addition to the Pokémon-specific standard attacks known from earlier parts, each trainer can also perform a special sync move together with their Pokémon - both theoretically and optically comparable to the Z attacks from Pokémon Sun and Moon. However, this can only be activated if you have already carried out a certain number of normal attacks.

Good in single player, even better in co-op

You don't have to explore the island of Pasio all by yourself: Pokémon Masters also offers you a co-op mode. In the mode that is available from Chapter 11, you control only one of the three trainers who are on the battlefield. The other two are either taken over by friends or the AI. By the way, you will find joy in the game like in Pokémon Go: Each player has his own ID - by entering that of a friend and confirming the request, you can play together from now on.

Together you fight against the AI - there will be no PvP mode for the time being, the developers explain. Although you and your friends are already a team of three, you still send three trainers and Pokémon into the fight. As in classic Pokémon games, you can swap Pokémon freely during combat. Each Pokémon has its own health bar.


In co-op mode, the sync moves are accompanied by an even stronger move: there is a team display for this. If this is filled, your attacks are stronger for a few seconds. When the time runs out, you perform a joint co-op attack at the end - if you have selected all Pokémon of the same type, this is even stronger.

The co-op mode of Pokémon Masters works optimally, you can vote orally. In the worst case, if there is no communication, you can make counterproductive decisions - and ultimately be inferior to the opposing team.

Of course there are in-game purchases - but they are probably not the focus

Pokémon Masters would not be a real mobile game if there were no in-game purchases that can also be made with real money. In the shop can be Gems buy that you need to unlock certain in-game actions - the Gems are but can be won in the game.

There are also the Sync Pair Scouts, apparently a lootbox mechanism, with which you can unlock sync pairs faster. According to the developer, these can also be earned - in principle, it should be possible to play through Pokémon Masters completely without having to spend a single cent in the game.


By spending items, gems and stars you've won, you can level up your sync pair, teach your Pokémon new attacks, and even develop Pokémon. There will be 65 playable sync pairs for the release, but the contingent should be continuously expanded. At the beginning there are 18 levels available, for every unlocked trainer there is also a playable Sync Pair Stories - you won't get bored that quickly in Pokémon Masters!

Pokémon Masters is not the only new Pokémon game to be released later this year. The two brand new Pokémon Sword and Shield editions will be released on November 15 - you can already pre-order them from Amazon.

Pokémon Masters: Finally an advanced game

Why is it all so good? For years, long-established Pokémon fans have wanted more tactical options in the main series. The Pokémon Company had actually indicated that it would finally want to meet this need with the upcoming switch parts Pokémon Sword and Shield. After we were allowed to play the game and especially the fights recently, we were less enthusiastic: the fights were too simple overall, too easy you could save your butt with the particularly strong Dynamax attacks.

We had such good ideas how Pokémon could have continued on the switch:


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If you are disappointed and would like to take your eyes off the entire Pokémon series, we would advise you to at least wait for the release of Pokémon Masters. Because while the battles in the main series always seem to be easy, Pokémon Masters offers you numerous options to be able to vary tactically - and to finally be able to prove your full ability in the game. Finally an advanced Pokémon game!

Download for iPhone:

Pre-order for iOS in the App Store

Download for Android smartphones:

Download Pokémon Masters Developer: DeNA Co., Ltd. Price: Free

Unfortunately, we still don't know when Pokémon Masters will appear, even after the play-off event. After all, it should still appear in the summer of 2019 for iOS and Android. Whether and how much it will cost is still in the stars. After all, you can register now for the game in the two app stores pre-register.

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