Need For Speed: Heat Preview - Tuning, Drifting And Not Getting Caught

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Need For Speed: Heat Preview - Tuning, Drifting And Not Getting Caught
Need For Speed: Heat Preview - Tuning, Drifting And Not Getting Caught

Video: Need For Speed: Heat Preview - Tuning, Drifting And Not Getting Caught

Video: Need For Speed: Heat Preview - Tuning, Drifting And Not Getting Caught
Video: Need For Speed: HEAT - ЛУЧШИЕ ДРИФТ НАСТРОЙКИ / Лучшая машина для дрифта 2023, December

Before we even get to show off our driving and drifting skills, it is of course important to first adapt the car to our own preferences. So much time must be even during the tight demo. We are not only allowed to change the color and pattern of every part of the body, no matter how small, but again we can also adjust the tuning options such as nitro boost, suspension and spoiler. Once again, there are (almost) no limits to creativity. The demo gives us numerous preset options for how you can finally unlock the decorative elements, but was not explained to us. In an associated app, you can already work on your dream car.

You can already have a look at all the cars here.


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But you can not only make your cart more beautiful, you also determine your own appearance. In the demo, we choose from several predefined characters with different characteristics and then adjust details such as hair and clothing. It is also not yet possible to determine whether details such as the nose or head shape can be changed in the final version. After all, the selection of pre-made characters for this is relatively large, we were available to about ten people.

Need for Speed: Heat will be released on November 8th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can already pre-order the game from Amazon, among others.

Walls as thick as paper

As soon as we are satisfied with our car, the first race begins. During the day we compete against eleven other racing drivers on an approved route. The route is curvy as usual, and drifting is not neglected here either. If I fall back, I can ignite my nitro drive at the push of a button, which gives me a short but powerful boost. However, giving thrust all the time is rarely of much use to you. Due to the fact that the route is just as curvy, it will knock you out of the route if the pace is too high. But there is still a long way to go at the rail boundaries! Not only metal barriers are no obstacle for your car. Your front shock absorber seems to be made of titanium, because even massive stone walls are permeable like a piece of paper. You are only slowed down slightly and your direction does not change at all due to the impact.


That sounds more dramatic than it is: Due to the permeability, you don't have to follow the specified route during the race, but you can make your own way. But be careful: there are checkpoints in every race that you have to pass. If you miss one of these due to your ego trip, you will automatically be directed to the last place, have to turn around and make up the checkpoint. This can not only cost you the leadership, but in the worst case means that you stay last.

1, 2, police - and over

At night it goes out of the organized races and into organized crime! On the open track and with a lot of oncoming traffic, you measure yourself against your opponents. If you are too fast, you will not stay among yourself, but will quickly have the police on your cheeks. That means: No mistakes in the race are allowed, you mustn't stand still and the annoying Sunday riders can't stop you.

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Because: If you stop for just a few seconds - even if only for turning - the police will pull you completely out of traffic. In our case this had the drastic consequence that the demo ended abruptly and we had to leave the console. That was a shame, of course there was no chance of improvement. We could not find out what the police stopped in the final game. It is hoped that the race will then simply start again - and you will not simply be reset at a random point in the game and have to find your way back to the race.

In this trailer you get gameplay.

Need for Speed Heat - Official gameplay trailer

All in all, one can say that Need for Speed: Heat will be an expected continuation of the franchise, with day and night races that have a varied effect, and an arcaded gameplay that is especially designed for racing fun. It is not yet possible to say whether this will be enough to tie us up to the consoles for hours, as we did at Need for Speed: Underground, and it remains to be seen until the release.

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