Thermomix TM6: Varoma, Mixing Bowl And Accessories At A Glance

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Thermomix TM6: Varoma, Mixing Bowl And Accessories At A Glance
Thermomix TM6: Varoma, Mixing Bowl And Accessories At A Glance

Video: Thermomix TM6: Varoma, Mixing Bowl And Accessories At A Glance

Video: Thermomix TM6: Varoma, Mixing Bowl And Accessories At A Glance
Video: How to use the Varoma 2023, December

Thermomix TM6: The heart of the food processor. The TM6 is equipped with an enlarged touch display compared to the previous model. Recipes are selected on it, settings are made and the timer is activated. The mixing bowl is placed in the middle.

Mixing bowl with handle: Almost all dishes are prepared in the mixing bowl. It can mix, grind, puree and even heat and cook. The mixing bowl comes with a knife, knife seal, lid, lid seal, base and measuring cup. All parts are also available separately in the Thermomix shop. So if something breaks, you do not have to buy the mixing bowl and accessories from scratch.

Splash protection: The splash protection prevents anything from splashing, even at high temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius, but the steam nevertheless escapes. It is required for high-temperature preparations such as browning, browning and caramelizing.

Mixing attachment: The mixing attachment for the mixing bowl is required if cream or egg whites are to be whipped. You also need it to prepare pudding and ice cream.

Spatula: With the improved spatula for the TM6 with flexible tip, you can easily stir dishes in the pot or take them out of the mixing bowl. The spatula can be inserted into the mixer through the lid opening up to the attached safety collar. This prevents it from being carried away by the blender. The spatula can also be used to easily and safely lift the cooking insert out of the mixing bowl.

Cooking insert with lid: The new cooking insert can be used in many ways. You can use it to filter juices, cook side dishes and even use it as a sieve. The lid, which is connected to the insert and cannot be removed, prevents the cooking insert from being overfilled.


Varoma with lid: The Varoma is the steamer attachment for the Thermomix. Vegetables are carefully prepared in the Varoma container. Fish and meat are steamed in the Varoma shelf. Simply add water to the mixing bowl and attach the filled Varoma and lid to it. If any part of the Varoma is damaged, you can buy the lid, container and shelf separately in the Thermomix shop.

Thermomix basic cookbook: The basic cookbook “Simple. Self. Made.”Which contains over 270 recipe inspirations. You already have a Thermomix but don't want to do without the recipes contained in the book? You can also find it individually in the Thermomix shop and you can even use it with the TM5.

6 months trial access to The recipe platform offers you over 42,000 recipes from professionals that are optimally matched to the current Thermomix model. If you buy a new Thermomix TM6, you get a six-month trial access to the platform. After the trial period, the subscription costs 36 euros per year.

3 issues of Thermomix magazine and free cooking course: The three issues of Thermomix magazine offer even more recipes. Usually it appears every other month, you pay three euros per issue. There is also a subscription for this: If you liked the three trial editions, you can subscribe to the magazine for 18 euros per year. The free cooking course can be booked through your own Thermomix representative, here you will also receive new recipes and valuable tips for beginners. The course ends with a tasting of the conjured dishes. Thermomix cooking classes are usually free of charge.

How do varoma and cooking insert differ?

In the cooking insert, vegetables are traditionally prepared gently. For this, water is poured into the mixing bowl and the cooking insert placed over it. Food can be prepared even more gently and in a time-saving manner in the Varoma steamer. On the official YouTube channel from Thermomix, it is recommended to use both attachments at the same time: jacket potatoes can be prepared in the cooking insert, while vegetables, fish and meat are cooked in the Varoma.


Separately available accessories for the Thermomix

After purchasing the Thermomix, you don't have to stop spending on the device. In addition to spare parts, there are numerous accessories in the Thermomix shop that allow other types of preparation or complement the kitchen equipment with suitable dishes and Thermomix cookbooks. In the following you will find possible accessories - but there is much more in the shop:

  • Knife cover "shaft"
  • Equipment bag
  • 6 heat-resistant Varoma tins for the preparation of soufflés and more
  • Baking pan, baking dish, roaster and pizza stone
  • Baking mat as an alternative to baking paper
  • Thermomix TM5 for children
  • Asian soup spoons and chopsticks
  • Cutlery and stylish plates from Degrenne

There are also numerous cookbooks in the shop - from international specialties to nutrition trends such as low carb and baking books. And there is even a Disney cookbook now.

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Third-party accessories for the Thermomix

There are now also numerous third-party Thermomix accessories. This includes practical sliding boards as a base, with which the Thermomix can be easily moved around the kitchen unit if required. Screen protectors for the touchscreen and holders for accessories are also available from Amazon. And for the Varoma you will find special baking paper and special molds in the shape of a heart or ring cake. Especially in the case of unknown shops, you should check the trustworthiness before buying - on GIGA we explain how it works.

So you see - there are numerous accessories for the kitchen machine with cooking function from Vorwerk. Which one you really need depends on which recipes you want to implement and how your kitchen is already equipped. For some, the original scope of delivery may be sufficient, after all, most of the recipes can be put into practice with it. If you want to prepare special dishes such as soufflés in the Thermomix, you have to buy additional accessories. And if you are somewhat uninspired about recipes, it is worth buying additional cookbooks and magazines.