Is Lizengo Serious? All Information At A Glance

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Is Lizengo Serious? All Information At A Glance
Is Lizengo Serious? All Information At A Glance

Video: Is Lizengo Serious? All Information At A Glance

Video: Is Lizengo Serious? All Information At A Glance
Video: Wartungsarbeiten bei Lizengo und Lizenzfuchs 2023, September

Popular software packages are available in the Lizengo online shop. These often cost significantly less than on the website of their manufacturers. The reason for this is the concept of Lizengo: The company, based in Cologne, buys excess stocks of licenses and sells them on. In this way, the online shop is able to sell the licenses of the programs at significantly cheaper prices. After purchase, customers will receive an email with the product key and a download link that can be used to download the program.

In addition, Lizengo now even cooperates with Edeka - customers can buy activation cards for certain programs in selected markets. You will then receive a proof of purchase with a code that you can enter on Lizengo to confirm the purchase and download the program.

Lizengo ends the cooperation with Edeka

Lately, it has often been reported that Lizengo sells Windows 10 and Microsoft Office licenses at Edeka at ridiculously low prices, and the coverage often raised the question of whether this is legal. Microsoft's comments on this question were rather evasive, while Lizengo was based on complying with German law.

Finally, the software giant did move, and the press reported that Microsoft had filed a lawsuit against Lizengo. Lizengo responded to these allegations immediately, stating that they had no charges.

While the scandal and rumor mill simmered, the story developed quite differently in the background: It was said that it had already been decided in August to end the collaboration between Edeka and Lizengo. Contrary to popular expectations, the initiative to separate came from Lizengo.

Ultimately, however, this says nothing about whether this type of software sale in supermarkets was legal and whether Lizengo's conduct was serious. According to a report by the PC world, a six-page statement from Microsoft is now available, according to which Microsoft accuses the Cologne-based software retailer of selling product keys that have already been used by others for product activation. Other licenses may not be used in Germany. So the courts will now have to decide whether the Lizengo business model is legal at all - that may take time.

Is Lizengo serious? The legal situation

The majority of the software licenses sold through the Lizengo online shop come from the surplus of volume licenses sold to corporate customers. According to a judgment of the Federal Court of Justice, the resale of such licenses is legal under certain conditions. An investigation into c't's Edeka codes also revealed no illegal activity.

How to spot fraud online:

That is behind hoaxes, fakes and fraud on the Internet

Is Lizengo serious? That's what customers say

Overall, Lizengo has very positive reviews on the Internet. Software sales received 4.8 out of 5 on the rating portal Trustedshops and four out of five stars at Trustpilot. In addition, the online shop has been checked by the IT law firm and certified by Chip with the grade Very Good.

Lizengo: Serious - but safe is safe

Overall, customers are very satisfied with the offer on Lizengo and even if the legal situation is somewhat opaque, the offer is legal at this time (as of October 2019). As a precaution, however, customers should protect themselves by storing and taking proof of purchase. If a product key should not work (anymore), you can use it to contact the Lizengo customer service and arrange for an exchange.

Gregor Elsholz
Gregor Elsholz

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