Crazy Experiment: Streamer Lives His Life Non-stop In VR For A Whole Week

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Crazy Experiment: Streamer Lives His Life Non-stop In VR For A Whole Week
Crazy Experiment: Streamer Lives His Life Non-stop In VR For A Whole Week

Video: Crazy Experiment: Streamer Lives His Life Non-stop In VR For A Whole Week

Video: Crazy Experiment: Streamer Lives His Life Non-stop In VR For A Whole Week
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Jak had to use several VR headsets during his experiment. The cable length of a single pair of glasses was not sufficient to be able to move freely around the apartment. In addition, the VR enthusiast also darkened all the windows in his apartment - goodbye, biorhythm! Before starting the experiment, he made his project public on Twitter. Some support him, others criticize him and advise him against it. But Jak couldn't change that. And so the starting shot was fired for his one-week excursion into virtual reality.

He used the first day to get used to his new daily routine in VR. Even simple activities such as reaching for the coffee cup led to complications and some unsightly stains on the shirt. What surprised me personally: Jak had no problems sleeping during the experiment. In order to fall asleep, he simply started the Netflix app on the Oculus Go and watched series until he was finally overwhelmed by the tiredness.


Eating, doing sports, working - everyday life in VR

After this settling-in phase, Jak started to experience something like everyday life: doing sports, eating, working - all no problem. But after a while he longed for company and started the AltspaceVR app. The program was a kind of social media platform in VR, in which you could attend all kinds of events or hold them yourself: open-air cinemas, concerts, meditation circles, stand-up comedy clubs - all this and much more. According to Jak, it is amazingly easy to get to know and communicate with new people and groups in VR - and that is precisely what makes the incredible appeal of virtual reality so special for him.

But don't your eyes hurt at some point? At first, yes, but at some point Jaks Glubscher got used to the new situation. At the same time, that was also the moment when his time perception completely said goodbye:

His brain also seemed to drift further and further into virtual reality, because after a few days Jak started to dream even in VR. An experience that confused him as he was still in virtual reality after getting up. Is that still a dream? Or is that "reality" again? And is that even important in this situation?

Lap dance, horror film and motorcycling - we too have had some interesting experiences in VR:

Oculus Go - our first impression

Virtual reality is whatever you want

The closer the experiment came to an end, the more Jak felt the urge to finally free himself from the VR headset. He spent the last few hours playing Desert Bus. In this “gem” you play a bus driver who has to cover a perfectly straight distance of almost 580 kilometers. However, since the bus is getting a bit old and therefore not the fastest, the journey takes around 8 hours.

However, after about 3 hours the game crashed, leaving Jak a little time to think about his VR experience he had during the week. His short and short conclusion:

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Welcome back - This is what real life feels like after a week of VR

After a total of 168 hours in VR, Jake returns to real life. He is a bit disoriented and dizzy, his eyes try to get used to the "refresh rate of reality". However, after a day outside of virtual reality, all of these problems have disappeared. Jak no longer has dry eyes, the headache has now evaporated and he has got used to his normal everyday life again.

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Only his perspective on strangers seems to have changed temporarily shortly after the experiment. They don't really look like people to him, but more like NPCs or multiplayer characters. Sounds like a good starting point for the new season of Black Mirror, doesn't it?

What do you say about this crazy experiment by Jak Wilmot? Would you also spend a week in VR if you could? Or do you still prefer real life? Please write us your opinion on the topic in the comments.