GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Magic Expert Alex

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GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Magic Expert Alex
GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Magic Expert Alex

Video: GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Magic Expert Alex

Video: GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Magic Expert Alex
Video: The world's greatest Azure demo 2023, June

My name is Alexander Gehlsdorf! It is already above, but maybe you can remember it better. First things first: No, I'm not related to Robin Schweiger. I'm 1.78 meters tall, I live in Berlin and my favorite color is orange. Sometimes I wear glasses. I studied film and theater studies at the Free University of Berlin. I wrote my final thesis on fan edits, unofficial cut versions of films that make cuts or work unused scenes back into the film. I tried to cut the infamous Hobbit trilogy into a single three-hour film. With success, I think.

2. How long have you been at GIGA and what do you do at GIGA?

I started as a games intern in summer 2016. Actually, I only naively entered the words “job games berlin” on Google when I realized that my studies had already come to an end. And what a surprise, Giga Games also happened to be in Berlin and had room for me.

Since then I have been doing practically everything that is expected of an (now permanent) editor. I write news, previews, columns, tests, I watch videos and I also like to send them to the other side of the planet. Sometimes I sing too.

Fallout 76 in reallife! / All-Star event in West Virginia

3. What is your area of expertise at GIGA?

Ha, good thing you ask! Finally an excuse to be able to talk shop about Magic the Gathering without restrictions. That's exactly what I've been doing to my poor colleagues for years until they finally become weak and have allowed me to write about my favorite card game on Giga Games. Since then I have been able to present exclusive cards from the upcoming sets, give tips for beginners or take a critical look behind the scenes of the game.

Clear case, of course, that I also spend a lot of time with MTG Arena. Every Monday from 5:30 p.m. you can even watch me on Twitch and point out possible misplays. The editors assume no liability for any stream delays of 15 to 30 minutes.


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4. What is your favorite series?

Another topic that you should never address if you don't have time for a monologue of several hours on my part: My favorite series is Lost. It should be noted that I differentiate between the favorite series and the best series, because Lost is by no means a series without weaknesses, I admit that too. But the exciting thing about Lost was not just the episodes, but above all the waiting time until the next episode was broadcast. Then the internet got hot with discussions. Screenshots, clues and theories were exchanged and details of the current episode were compared with information from previous seasons.

It's like a gigantic swarm intelligence puzzle that thousands of fans worked on at the same time. And yes, the answers to most of the burning questions that may not have been formulated in every detail in the episodes themselves could actually be found in this way. So if you complain about the supposedly so weak end and basic connections (why was there a polar bear on the island? What does the numbers mean? Were they all dead now?), I am happy to answer your questions in the comments.

RUSH - The Gaming Podcast: Outer Wilds - The Best Game of the Year?

To everyone who can share my enthusiasm for Lost, I recommend Outer Wilds, the (spoiler) best game of the year. What exactly that has to do with Lost I explain in the current episode of the gaming podcast RUSH, in which I can be heard every two weeks alongside Christian Eichler.

Oh yes, the best series for me include Steven Universe and Twin Peaks.


5. What are you particularly good at?

I am a big lover of word jokes, for which my colleagues do not always have much insight. To be honest, I have the feeling that people around me like to despair. However, this audacity is necessary on my part to mark my humorous area. Regardless of whether it is early in the morning or at five o'clock in the afternoon - or six, then we usually have the end of the day. I think the people around me are now quite adept at screening my bad verbal jokes simply by hearing them so as not to go insane. Perhaps I should pay more attention to this instead of sharing my intellectual effusions with the world wisely. On the other hand, what have I been practicing for over three decades? Well no matter. Eleven.

6. What is your favorite game?

Obviously you just kept reading after I recommended RUSH to you. So, I remember that. Well, if you had carefully listened to all the RUSH episodes, you would also know my five favorite games. But you are welcome to do that now.

RUSH - the gaming podcast: brilliant game design - these are our favorite games

7. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

In elementary school had a pretty intense Elvis Presley phase, not lying. Later I was particularly fascinated by the Beatles, which of course they still do. If it can get a little louder, you can make me happy with Indierock, for example the Arctic Monkeys. A few years ago, my musical horizon was also expanded by K-Pop. Anyone who has seen a video or two with me may have spotted my Twice T-Shirt. Black pink, red velvet and LOONA are also great.

The bottom line, however, is that I can inquire about all sorts of artists and genres. I just shoot: Element of Crime, Dagobert, Tim Fischer, Tonträger, The Platters, Bread, MOON, Queen, Molly Lewis, France Gall, Jonathan Coulton, Götz Alsmann, David Bowie, Sebastian Krämer, Pulp, DEKAdance and sooo much more. My favorite album is ミ ラ ク ル ミ ュ ー ジ カ ル - Hawaii: Part II, Joe Hawley's solo project, which in turn belongs to the band Tally Hall. Another unreserved recommendation.

At least since I started playing the ukulele (after trying the violin, viola and guitar, more or less successfully) I have developed a great taste for jazz and am always willing to learn more about harmony. I was also able to pursue my preference for jazzy harmonies as a tenor in a choir for eight years. If you want to hear me live, you can keep an eye on the schedule of the Piccolo Theater in Cottbus.

8. What is your favorite film?

Stop, stop! the heading explicitly mentioned seven questions! That's right, but on the one hand eight is one of the lost numbers and on the other hand I wanted to rub it all under your nose that Amadeus from 1984 is one of my favorite films and everyone should watch it! If possible in the theatrical version and not the 13 minute longer Director's Cut. It's also good, but the Oscar-winning theatrical version is better. So!


Bonus Challenge: Where exactly am I hanging around in this picture? Thanks to Greenscreen, YOU can decide about it. I am looking forward to the results!

Do you have any other questions for me? Then from there in the comments!

Quiz: What do you know about Apple?

Alexander Gehlsdorf
Alexander Gehlsdorf

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