Samsung Tablets In The Test: The Winners Of Stiftung Warentest

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Samsung Tablets In The Test: The Winners Of Stiftung Warentest
Samsung Tablets In The Test: The Winners Of Stiftung Warentest

Video: Samsung Tablets In The Test: The Winners Of Stiftung Warentest

Video: Samsung Tablets In The Test: The Winners Of Stiftung Warentest
Video: Десять причин купить планшет Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2023, September
placement product price offer
The cheap test winner: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 approx. 689 euros To Amazon
The powerful test winner: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 approx. 799 euros To Amazon
The little Samsung tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 approx. 140 euros To Otto

Test winner: The best Samsung Galaxy tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE: test winner at a good price

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE tablet PC, 4GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE tablet PC, 4GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE tablet PC, 4GB RAM

Now from € 658.00 on Amazon price comparison price can now be higher. Price from 27.07.2020 02:26 a.m.

Super AMOLED display, eight-core processor, stylus, desktop mode and four AKG speakers - the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE is impressive. In the test, we were particularly impressed with the workmanship and the display. In the other features, the tablet scored well with a 10.5-inch screen diagonal, there were no negative breakouts. In the GIGA test, that was enough for a good overall score of 75 percent. In a comparison by the Stiftung Warentest in December 2019, it positioned itself as the best Android tablet with a grade of 1.8, beaten only by two iPads with Apple's iOS.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is from 2018, a phase-out model. As we are so used to with Samsung devices, the price has now dropped. Means: The Galaxy Tab S4 is an Android test winner at a good price. In the version without LTE, it gets a little cheaper and / or the keyboard cover is included.


  • Excellent workmanship
  • Very good display
  • Very good sound
  • S Pen included


Good overall package, but no outstanding individual features

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LTE: test winner with performance

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (10.5 inch) LTE

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If you want a more powerful tablet, Samsung also gives you an Android test winner. Because in the same comparison of the Stiftung Warentest, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LTE landed on point with the predecessor just mentioned from 2018 (grade 1.8).

You can see our impression here in the video:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung has retained the good features of the predecessor in the Galaxy Tab S6, including the four speakers, the pen and DeX, the desktop mode. In addition to a more powerful processor for higher performance, the dual camera with an additional ultra wide angle has been added. The LTE version we recommend not only offers a mobile connection, but also a larger work and device memory.


  • High quality (compare Galaxy Tab S4)
  • Good performance
  • Dual camera with ultra wide angle
  • S Pen included


None particularly noticeable

Galaxy Tab A 8.0: The compact Samsung tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0 inch)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0 inch)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0 inch)

Now from 146.21 € at Otto Similar offer at Mediamarkt Similar offer at Amazon Now from 146.21 € at Otto Price can now be higher. Price from 05.07.2020 12:24 p.m.

In the category of small tablets, Samsung has to defeat not only the iPad Mini but also the Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 LTE at Stiftung Warentest. But if you want a small, inexpensive Samsung tablet, the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with 8-inch screen diagonal is a good choice. The testers gave the device a grade of 2.3.

In our opinion, this rating is rather benevolent - we really don't want to recommend a Samsung tablet of this size. If you do not have high performance requirements and can cope with a jerky system, you can dare to buy the very cheap Tab A 8.0. The best way to get good performance in this device class is to go to Apple - but you also pay a higher price there.


  • Cheap price
  • Good battery


Performance lean

Samsung tablets in the test: How it was tested

How did it come about that the Stiftung Warentest put both Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Tab S6 at the top of the Android tablets? A look at the methodology gives an insight into which properties were included in the test grade:

  • Functions (30 percent): The Stiftung Warentest checked the loading of websites, office applications, synchronization, cameras and more.
  • Display (20 percent): In addition to response times, color space and brightness distribution, reflections were checked.
  • Battery (20 percent): Both the energy consumption and the charging times were included in the grade.
  • Handling (20 percent): From the instructions for use to daily use and processing, this sub-grade fell.
  • Versatility (10 percent): The testers evaluated the scope of the hardware and software supplied.

There were also devaluations when a property was particularly bad.

Buy Samsung tablet: what else should you know?

Can you use Android 10 on the Samsung Galaxy Tabs?

The three Galaxy Tabs mentioned above currently run on Android 9. For the Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung has promised Android 10 for April 2020, the S4 should get the update in July. Android 10 has also been announced for the Tab A8, namely for August.

Samsung tablets with S Pen: what is the stylus for?

A tablet pen, the so-called S Pen, is included with the Galaxy Tab S4 and S6. Writing and drawing worked well in our test. It also offers many additional functions that can help with everyday operation. For example, you can make notes with the display off or call up a menu that can be used to translate sections of text.

Is there a keyboard for the Samsung tablets?

Any Bluetooth keyboard can be connected to the Galaxy Tabs. Hardware keyboards that are designed to fit the respective model and also serve as a case and stand are particularly practical. At Amazon you can find the Samsung original (Book Cover Keyboard) as well as inexpensive products.

Should you take the LTE version of a Galaxy Tab?

With the LTE versions of the Samsung tablets, you can insert a SIM card and thus book your own mobile tariff with the required data volume.

Low rates from mobilcom-debitel in all networks

You don't need LTE for occasional use, because you can use your smartphone as a hotspot to access the Internet with the Galaxy Tab. WLAN is of course included in every case. But: Samsung, for example, not only equips the LTE version of the Galaxy Tab S6 with the radio module, but also donates more work and device memory to the device. If you want a more powerful tablet, you should be happy about 8 instead of 6 gigabytes of RAM, and that's why you choose the LTE version.

Which other manufacturers offer recommended tablets?

It is best to go to Apple for high-quality and powerful products, to Amazon for cheap tablets (attention, modified Android). For more detailed recommendations, see the article Tablets in Test 2020: The best tablets in comparison.