GIGA Readers Spend So Much Money On Their Gaming PC / Gaming Laptop

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GIGA Readers Spend So Much Money On Their Gaming PC / Gaming Laptop
GIGA Readers Spend So Much Money On Their Gaming PC / Gaming Laptop

Video: GIGA Readers Spend So Much Money On Their Gaming PC / Gaming Laptop

Video: GIGA Readers Spend So Much Money On Their Gaming PC / Gaming Laptop
Video: Are Gaming Laptops ACTUALLY Worth Buying? 2023, September

Although gaming laptops have largely lost their image as overpriced and underperforming machines, the lion's share of GIGA readers, around 71 percent, continue to use a desktop computer to play.

After all, 9 percent of those surveyed stated that they used a laptop to play instead of a gaming PC. A proud 5 percent own both a gaming computer and a gaming laptop. The rest indicated that they would not own either one.

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Solid middle class or high-end?

But how much money is now being invested in the new hardware? Here the spirits seem to divorce. Most of the respondents, around 28 percent, indicated that they would invest between 1,000 and 1,500 euros in their gaming hardware. Around 24 percent are a little more economical and only spend 500-1,000 euros. However, very few of our readers spend less than 500 euros. Only 5 percent work on such a tight budget.

Can you assemble a gaming PC with new parts for so little money? We tried it out in the middle of the year:

Gaming PC for 300 euros?

It looks a little different at the other end of the spectrum. 17 percent of you already invest 1,500-2,000 euros in gaming PC or gaming laptop, 13 percent even up to 3,500 euros.

For most readers, however, this seems to be the limit. More than 3,500 euros are spent by just 4 percent.

Is there a buyer of this PC hiding among the 4 percent?


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Complete system or assemble yourself?

Most of you are enthusiastic PC hobbyists. 69 percent of respondents buy their hardware individually and assemble their computers themselves. At the moment we can only guess why.

On the one hand, you can often save a few euros by assembling them yourself, on the other hand you can put together a system that exactly corresponds to your own ideas and needs. With complete systems it is often not possible to replace all components at will.

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That doesn't seem to bother 23 percent of the participants - they rely on a complete system or a gaming laptop. This decision can also be understood: you save the time to assemble, you have a guarantee for the complete system, you don't have to worry about any compatibility problems, and in the case of a gaming laptop you are also mobile.

When is it time to upgrade?

Most of our readers look for a new system after about 3-5 years or upgrade their current gaming PC with a major upgrade. That is too long for 21 percent. You change the hardware after just 2-3 years. But even that is not enough for 10 percent of the respondents - they are already longing for an upgrade after 1-2 years. Only 3 percent of the participants upgrade even more often.

11 percent of you let significantly more time into the country. It is only upgraded here after 5-8 years. Very few people wait any longer. Only 2 percent acquire a new system after more than 8 years.

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14 percent state that they do not adhere to a fixed time frame. Instead, they get new hardware when they feel it is necessary.

Conclusion: The average GIGA reader owns a gaming PC that he has assembled himself, invests 1,000-1,500 euros in a major upgrade every 3-5 years and looks damn good. Thank you for your active participation in our survey.