GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Horror Connoisseur Marina

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GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Horror Connoisseur Marina
GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Horror Connoisseur Marina

Video: GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Horror Connoisseur Marina

Video: GIGA Editors Introduce Themselves: 7 Questions For Horror Connoisseur Marina
Video: Frame Lines Horror- Editor Isaque Kirmse 2023, October

Didn't I tell you that already, strange GIGA questioner? Oh you wanna hear more details? Fine. My middle name is Gerda and although I have forbidden my friends to call me that, they still do. After graduating from high school, I studied media science in Tübingen and then also media drama in Mainz; then suddenly I was 25 years old = and started working at GIGA GAMES in April 2017. I wanted to make films for a while and show them at film festivals, but then I decided to play games - and to devote myself entirely to my passion of stringing together words in sentences. Fortunately, I hardly have to do anything else.

2. How long have you been at GIGA and what are you doing here?

Too long and too short to want to change anything about it. Before that, I was also the surrogate mother of the small portal gamona, which I had looked after with texts and a lot of love. Since I've been at GIGA, I've been enjoying scaring my colleagues with creepy games, chatting on YouTube about the new games every month, doing Facebook things and, most of the time, writing. If you want to have a look: I especially liked writing this article about depression in the game together with GIGA editor Alexander Gehlsdorf. And some also say that my test for the shower shooter Metro Exodus was also quite pleasant.


3. What is your area of expertise at GIGA?

Write about anything that is bleeding or creepy. Talk about Cyberpunk 2077 and annoy others in the office. Compose messages, recommend the game offers for the weekend and sometimes chat with you and others in the comments. So if you want to tell me what you played today, whether you think the weather is stupid or have a morbid joke in stock, I'm happy if you write to me under the post.

4. If you were a color, what would it be and why?

Purple. Because it is a wonderful color that I like to look at - and, I believe, because I saw too much Darkwing Duck as a child and have adored any form of purple / violet / purple ever since. Oh, those memories …

5. Which game impressed you the most this year?

In fact, the Metro must have been Exodus. The creepy, a bit-like-fallout-only-linear shooter took me on an impressive journey for a whole weekend; he made me sit in front of my PS4 until 4 a.m. - and that hasn't been possible for a long time. Observation from the fantastic developers No Code was also quite fantastic.

6. What is GIGA for you? Why do you like to work at GIGA?

Aren't these two questions? Isn't that against the rules? Can I show someone? Well, I still answer: For me, GIGA is a crazy, honest and sometimes quite creative online portal that prefers to talk to you rather than just writing assembly line articles and news. GIGA has its mistakes, no question: here and there the advertising is annoying (I know), sometimes typing errors creep in (I know) - but even if we are not perfect people, we want to do what we do well. I have the feeling that everyone in the editorial department works for GIGA because they want to work for GIGA and have a passion for what they produce every day.

What I also like at GIGA: These strange people I work with make me laugh every day without exception. It is also very nice.

7. Three favorites: favorite word, favorite game, favorite movie

In a nutshell: Blatant, Lands of Lore II & III, Donnie Darko!

Hey, if you are here now anyway, feel free to say "Hello!" In the comments or ask me much better questions than the funny GIGA questioner could ever have done. Oh, and do you have a horror game recommendation? Always with it. I would be happy and of course drop by as often as possible to answer all your questions - if it is in my power as a Jedi Knight

Marina Hansel
Marina Hansel

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