Gaming PC For 700 Euros From Agando In The Test: "Good And Cheap" Calculator With Room For Improvement

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Gaming PC For 700 Euros From Agando In The Test: "Good And Cheap" Calculator With Room For Improvement
Gaming PC For 700 Euros From Agando In The Test: "Good And Cheap" Calculator With Room For Improvement

Video: Gaming PC For 700 Euros From Agando In The Test: "Good And Cheap" Calculator With Room For Improvement

Video: Gaming PC For 700 Euros From Agando In The Test: "Good And Cheap" Calculator With Room For Improvement
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This is how the cheap gaming PC was tested

"A fully assembled gaming PC for 700 euros? It can't be anything!”At least that's what I thought when the request to test the Agando agua 2666r5 came in my mailbox. Up to this point, I had mostly had rather bad experiences with complete computers that were advertised as "gaming computers". Either savings were made in the wrong places or the prices asked were moving towards the stratosphere.

I was accordingly surprised when I took a look at the compilation of the cheap gaming PC from Agando:

processor AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (6 cores, 12 threads @ max.3.9 GHz)
graphic card Palit GeForce GTX 1660 6 GB StormX OC
Motherboard Asus Prime A320M-K
random access memory 16 GB DDR4-RAM @ 3,000 MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x 8 GB)
Mass storage
  • SSD: 240 GB Kingston A400 SATA (M.2 form factor)
  • HDD: 1 TB HDD Toshiba P300 64 MB cache @ 7,200 rpm (3.5 inches)
power adapter 450 watts XILENCE Performance C XP600
casing AeroCool Shard with acrylic window and RGB lighting
operating system Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

After a short price comparison it was clear: This computer has to test tested. A few days later, the PC arrived well packaged and secured for dispatch to our editorial office.

Gaming PC for 700 euros from Agando in the test: Our verdict

A time-consuming Windows installation is saved for the customers because the operating system is already set up. Only the printed Windows key has to be activated in the settings. Thanks to the built-in SSD, both booting up and starting programs and apps are very quick. During the test, I never felt that the computer was working too slowly in desktop mode.


But how much performance can you expect from a 700 Euro gaming PC when playing? More than you initially think. The combination of Ryzen 2600 and GTX 1660 provide a resolution of Full HD and high settings in current games such as Hitman 2, Anthem and Metro Exodus for refresh rates that are always above the magic 60 FPS limit on average. Here is an overview of all our benchmark results:

game Graphics settings average refresh rate
Anthem high 74.1 FPS
Apex Legends very high 88.5 FPS
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Multiplayer) high 123.3 FPS
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive very high 174.6 FPS
DOOM (2016) ultra 189.3 FPS
Far Cry 5 high 82 FPS
Fortnite epic 97.6 FPS
GTA 5 high / very high 83.6 FPS
Hitman 2 very high 65.3 FPS
Metro Exodus ultra 64.1 FPS
Rise of the Tomb Raider high 101.8 FPS
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt high 76.3 FPS

If you want to get even more performance out of the system, you can try overclocking the graphics card, but you shouldn't expect a big leap in performance. During the test, the graphics card achieved a maximum chip clock of around 1,920 MHz, which was not only significantly above the average clock rate of 1,785 MHz guaranteed by Nvidia, but even surpassed the manufacturer's specification of 1,830 MHz. Although the card is only cooled by a single fan, the chip only reached a maximum temperature of 73 degrees Celsius under load - that's perfectly fine.


The same can be said about the heat development of the CPU. After almost 30 minutes of constant stress in AIDA64, the Ryzen 5 2600 reaches a peak temperature of just 75 degrees Celsius - the boxed cooler from AMD does a really good job. In contrast to the graphics card, the processor cannot be overclocked.

This is due to the cheap A320 motherboard, which is built into the test system. With the chipset, the full speed of the Corsair RAM can be used thanks to DOCP / XMP support, but there is no way to adjust the CPU multiplier. Agando apparently also noticed that this wasted performance potential. Shortly after the test system was sent to us, the company decided to replace the A320 motherboard with a model with a B450 chipset as standard. Incidentally, the sales price did not rise due to the hardware replacement, but remains at 699.90 euros.

Further to the topic: Quickly and easily explained: overclocking / overclocking

A few words about the look of the gaming PC: The hardware of the test device was installed in the AeroCool Shard, an ATX case with acrylic window and RGB lighting on the front. The different lighting modes can be switched at the push of a button, but none of them is impressive.

The same applies to the dark tinted acrylic window. This allows a look at the system hardware inside, but since all components do not have extensive RGB lighting, there is no optical wow effect. The viewing window is always nice and if you want, you can stick a few chic LED strips in the computer.

The lower part of the housing offers a privacy screen, behind which the drive bay is located and unnecessary cables can be hidden. In connection with the successful cable management, the inside of the PC looks very tidy.

Agando agua 2666r5 rift in the test: Evaluation

  • Performance: 4/5
  • Processing / haptics / design: 3.5 / 5
  • Connectivity and storage: 3/5
  • Hardware balance: 4.5 / 5

Overall: 77 percent (the performance makes up 50 percent of the overall grade)


Here you can find the gaming PC in the Agando online shop

Agando agua 2666r5 rift in the test: We liked that

  • Price-performance ratio: For around 700 euros you get the agua 2666r5 rift, a clever gaming computer for playing in full HD - a really good offer.
  • Cable management : All cables were neatly laid in the housing and combined with cable ties. Excess cable was skillfully hidden in the drive bay.
  • Bloatware almost nonexistent: An almost untouched version of Windows awaits the buyer after the first startup of the PC. Only the Bullguard antivirus software is already installed on the system, but can be removed with just a few clicks.

Agando agua 2666r5 rift in the test: We didn't like that

  • Inexpensive power supply: The Performance C XP600 from Xilence is not a “China Böller”, but in terms of quality it is definitely in the entry-level area and has no real reason for being in a gaming PC. In addition, the cheap PSU from Agando is sold as a 600-watt power supply. The Performance C XP600 offers a maximum output of 600 watts, but has only been designed for continuous 450 watt operation by the manufacturer.
  • Motherboard without overclocking option: The motherboard with A320 chipset does not allow the Ryzen processor to be overclocked. In the current version, a B450 board is now installed that does not have this restriction, but I can only rate the system that was sent to us.
  • Volume / background noise: Under full load, the Agando agua 2666r5 is anything but quiet as all fans run at full speed. From time to time the computer also starts to whistle uncomfortably. The noise never lasts long and did not have a negative impact on performance during the test, but it is annoying - even when the computer is under the desk.