Tracking In 4K: Dashcam Nextbase 612GW In The Test

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Tracking In 4K: Dashcam Nextbase 612GW In The Test
Tracking In 4K: Dashcam Nextbase 612GW In The Test

Video: Tracking In 4K: Dashcam Nextbase 612GW In The Test

Video: Tracking In 4K: Dashcam Nextbase 612GW In The Test
Video: NextBase 612GW 4k Dash Cam Walkthrough & Test 2023, September

The dashcam can convince us in the test. The setup works without problems, the image is sharp and the touchscreen responds reliably. The bracket is also robust and holds the camera securely in place.

A particular advantage: while driving, the display shows the current speed and hides the video. As soon as you touch the touchscreen briefly, the image is displayed again.

In addition to the fixed adhesive strip, there is a suction cup if you want to use the camera in different vehicles. The Dashcam can also score with clever functions such as parking mode. With this, she recognizes a parking bump and then starts the recording.

Disadvantages are the low quality of night shots with a clear yellow tinge, as can be seen in the following image. The functionality does not affect the functionality.

Dashcam Nextbase 612GW nachts3
Dashcam Nextbase 612GW nachts3

Nextbase 612GW test rating

  • Image quality: 70 percent
  • Features: 80 percent
  • Service: 80 percent
  • Installation in the vehicle: 70 percent

Overall: 75 percent

nextbase-612gw test rating
nextbase-612gw test rating

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Nextbase 612GW: We liked that

  • Automatic switching on and off when starting and stopping the vehicle.
  • Daytime image quality.
  • Touchscreen.
  • GPS.
  • WiFi to transfer videos to the smartphone.
  • Speed indicator on the display.
  • Robust bracket.
  • The free PC and Mac software "Nextbase Replay 3", with which you can analyze the recordings.
Nextbase Replay 3 Software
Nextbase Replay 3 Software

Nextbase 612GW: We didn't like that

  • Noise and yellowness when shooting at night.
  • Nextbase app: Crashed frequently on our iPhone 8 Plus.
  • The camera gets very hot while filming.

Nextbase 612GW: Good to know

  • HDMI output on the side.
  • Accident button saves files permanently.
  • Large memory card with high write speed required (at least Class U3).
  • Avoid 60 fps when shooting at night to reduce noise.
Johann Philipp
Johann Philipp

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