Instagram Likes Gone? That Is Behind It

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Instagram Likes Gone? That Is Behind It
Instagram Likes Gone? That Is Behind It

Video: Instagram Likes Gone? That Is Behind It

Video: Instagram Likes Gone? That Is Behind It
Video: INSTAGRAM LIKES ARE GONE? (Good Or Bad?) Let’s Talk! 2023, September

In the long term, Instagram wants to completely avoid showing likes on profiles of other users. Instead of the number of likes submitted, only the name of a person who liked the displayed image appears next to the corresponding button. If there are several likes, there is the little meaningful addition "and other people" next to the name. How many Instagram users, however, exactly pressed the Like button for the picture is no longer visible to outside users. Even after the change, the person who created the post can still see how many Instagram users like their post.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri says about the change:

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No more likes visible: that's what Instagram says

But why does Instagram hide the Like ad? The creators want the post itself to come to the fore again. Pictures and photos should therefore be liked because they are special, beautiful or exciting and not only because thousands of users have already clicked the Like button. It is not desirable that uploading photos to Instagram turns into a pure competition for likes.

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The aim of the test is to find out how the missing ad is received by Instagram users and how the hiding of the likes affects user behavior. The test has been running in various countries for some time and has now been extended to Germany.

The response in social media shows that some users do not understand how to hide, but some Instagram users also welcome this change:

What do you think about the change? Do you need the number of likes for photos of other users? Or don't you care about the value anyway, because you use Instagram the way you want and not other users?

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