Caliber: Remove DRM - How Does It Work?

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Caliber: Remove DRM - How Does It Work?
Caliber: Remove DRM - How Does It Work?

Video: Caliber: Remove DRM - How Does It Work?

Video: Caliber: Remove DRM - How Does It Work?
Video: How To Remove DRM From Kindle eBooks Using Calibre (100% Free) 2023, June

The acronym DRM stands for " D igital R ights M anagement" (Digital Rights Management). In practice, this is copy protection so that you cannot copy media such as e-books, music or videos and pass them on to third parties.

Can I remove DRM?

The Copyright Act Section 95a (1) prohibits removing DRM protection:

This is contrasted by Section 108b (1) UrhG, which allows private copies to be made for personal use:

However, we could not find any scope in the copyright law in which the law should apply. Therefore, the validity of the law is at least unclear to us.

Caliber: remove DRM - does it work?

Programs like Caliber can - technically speaking - remove certain types of copy protection with plugins. Even if you are not prosecuted under Section 108b of the Copyright Act, you can still be subject to civil law by the author of the work in accordance with Section 95a Copyright Act.

  • So if you remove a DRM copy protection via caliber or with another program, you act illegally according to FRG law.
  • We therefore recommend that you do not bypass, override or deactivate DRM copy protection.
  • Legally, it is only allowed to convert properly purchased e-books without DRM with caliber.

We explain how to convert e-book formats in our instructions:

  • Convert PDF to ePub
  • Convert ePub to PDF
  • eBooks: Read or convert ACSM format

This is not legal advice or legal assistance. In the event of an emergency, you should prefer to contact a lawyer. You are welcome to write us your opinions in the comments below this statement.

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